Schindler’s List Filming Locations: Where is The Steven Spielberg Movie Shot?

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Schindler's List Filming Locations
Schindler's List Filming Locations

The Schindler’s List is a movie that should be watched by everyone before they die. This film not only survived the test of time but also ends up speaking volumes about something innately human, making it classic and one for each list: “These are must-see movies.”
A story told in such an artistic way will make you think twice about what really matters while engaging your emotions throughout every scene with actor performances comparable to those seen today.

Even though this was director Steven Spielberg’s first Academy Award win (an Oscar magnet). It’s no wonder why he went on to create many more award winners like Saving Private Ryan or Lincoln Lawyer. The 1993 film received six additional Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay, in addition to the Best Director honor. Nevertheless, the film was an economic triumph as well as a critical darling, grossing $322 million worldwide.

Schindler's List Filming Locations
Ralph Fiennes plays Amon Goeth

What’s Schindler’s List About?

In the film, ” Schindler’s List,” Liam Neeson plays a German businessman who attempts to save more than 1 thousand Polish-Jewish refugees during World War II. To do so he brings them into his factory where they are safe from harm but not always treated nicely by others in their new surroundings–a situation totally opposite of what happened with Oskar Schindler before he became famous for saving people’s lives.

The movie revolves around this character and how it is told through different perspectives including one involving an accountant called Itzhak Stern (played beautifully by Ben Kingsley). This story shows you why there are consequences when someone does something good while also making sure we understand that most humans aren’t necessarily great spiritual

Schindler’s List Trailer

Schindler’s List Filming Locations —Poland

Polish locations served as the setting for the filming of ‘Schindler’s List. It’s in this part of the film where the real action happens. Because of this, the film is able to accurately portray its setting. The city of Krakow, Poland, served as the backdrop for the filming. There is no longer any Plaszow work camp. A quarry was used to build a set for the labor camp. 34 barracks and 7 watchtowers made up the set. Filming also used a replica of the Amon Goeth home.

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Schindler's List Filming Locations
A busy street in Krakow, Poland

The film’s producers were clever in their choice of filming locations. For instance, scenes set at Schindler’s apartment were filmed not only on his actual house. But also on replicas that stand today as a symbol for those who lost everything during World War II: Zgoda Square Ghetto (recreated by stages). Next, there is Poldek Pefferberg escaping death right before he falls into the hands of the germans. Also, the escape route takes him to Ciemna Street where many shots involving Jews being expelled from their homes took place – this was shot outdoors under low light with no sound equipment nearby so all you hear are people screaming.

Schindler’s Factory

Aside from that, the exterior of Schindler’s factory at 4 Lipowa Street was genuinely shot there. Although the exteriors were shot at a plant in Olkusz, the interior scenes were filmed at an enamel factory. The sequence in which the Jews met was filmed at the Church of St. Mary. The Glowny train station in Krakow, Poland, was also used in certain sequences. Moving on, the Brinnlitz scenes were filmed at Niepolomice. So, whenever you’re in Poland, make sure you visit these historic sites to learn a little bit more about what happened in World War II.

Schindler's List filming locations
The outside of Schindler’s Factory in the present day

Where to Watch Schindler’s List?

If you want to see this three-hour-long World War II Steven Spielberg drama, you can stream it from Spectrum. Also, you can rent or purchase the movie from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, Google Play, Vudu Fandango. Additionally, the Microsoft Store, Red Box, DirecTV, and AMC on Demand all have the movie available. With this, we reach the end of this article. Thanks for reading Otakukart. Please come back for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows. See you soon!

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