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HBO’s Series ‘Scenes From A Marriage’ Ending Explained: A Film Review And Cast

Scenes From A Marriage
Scenes From A Marriage

After the airing of the last episodes, the series “Scenes From A Marriage” takes on its concluding arc and ends on a relatively wholesome note. But how did it exactly end? In today’s generation or even the preceding ones, no relationship has ever been perfect. There have always been countless turmoils in the face of love since the beginning of time, and conflict has always been pursued, whether it is because of the individuals themselves, the relation they share, maybe the goals they chase, or even the circumstances surrounding them.

Seldom do we want to watch a show about the breakdown of a relationship or even a distressful couple since we tend to enjoy more light-hearted shows that distract us from reality? However, Scenes from a Marriage is one of the few series that no matter what subgenre of romance you enjoy, you can still learn a bunch of harsh-wakers while enjoying the process. Swedish director Ingmar Bergman’s stories often revolve around significant metaphysical meanings and require the viewer to dig into the emotional symbols and decipher their meanings.

Like his other works like The Lie and The Cries And Whispers, the central theme of Scenes From A Marriage deals with a disassociating marriage, even after ten years and two daughters.

Scenes From A Marriage

Scenes From A Marriage

The story and the ending of Scenes From A Marriage

HBO’s Scenes From A Marriage is inspired by a 1973 Swedish television series having the same name. Bergman realistically portrays through this series the hardships of long-term relationships, like affairs, love, betrayal, parenthood, copium, and such other complex relationship issues. Although the basic premise seems a bit basic, the emotional intricacies in the film truly make this series a gem and can be considered a bittersweet waking call for many.

In episode 1, we are introduced to the main characters, Mira, played by Jessica Chastain, and Jonathan, played by Oscar Isaac. However, they both have a young daughter, and they seem to lack a lot of respect and love for each other. After renewing their marriage contract during their 10th marriage anniversary, a magazine news series interviews them. They put a facade of a seemingly affluent and loving couple, which is eventually broken quickly when Marianna tells Johan that she is pregnant. They are a well-educated and attractive couple, and on the surface, everything seems exceptionally tranquil. However, we see later on how quickly they are too shy away from discussing anything deeply emotional.

Our lead protagonists

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After several love affairs, turmoils, divorce, and broken trusts, they realize they both share an imperfect love towards the end. After overcoming the turnarounds of their separation like loneliness, insecurity, weakness, and emotional illiteracy, in the future, they both realize a list of meaningful lessons. By breaking up their marriage, they already formed the best relationship that they could make. Although they face more loneliness and solitude in their new remarriages, they finally open up and come to terms with each other through all the recurring miscommunication.

How and where do I watch Scenes From A Marriage?

Unfortunately, Netflix and Amazon do not have the series, so that fans may be disappointed. However, you can stream the show on other live streaming services like Hulu [not the essential subscription, you can only receive access if you get the HBO Max add-on (which costs $14.99/month)], and live TV streaming platforms such as DirecTV and YouTubeTV. They still come with a 7-day and 14-day free trial for first-time subscribers.

Scenes From A Marriage 2021 Cast

The cast of the Scenes from a marriage in 2021 includes Jessica Chastain as Mira (appeared in 5 episodes, Oscar Isaac as Jonathan (appeared in 5 episodes), Sophia Kopera as Ava (appeared in 3 episodes), Nicole Beharie as Kate (appeared in 2 episodes), Corey Stoll as Peter (appeared in 2 episodes), Sunita Mani as Danielle (appeared in 1 episode), Shirley Rumierk as Dr. Varona (appeared in 1 episode), Michael Aloni (appeared in 1 episode)

Bergman, through his films, prefers to show honesty and realism in his movies rather than comfort and happiness. The cinema and actors won countless awards from this series, including Golden Globes for the Best Foreign Film and National Society For Film Critics for Best Film.

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