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Scenes From A Marriage Release Date: The HBO Miniseries!

Scenes From A Marriage
Scenes From A Marriage

Do we know the Scenes From A Marriage Release Date? Relationships can be tricky, and marriage can be trickier. Viewers are about to see the real side of it when a couple struggles to live together when their marriage hits a rocky bump! HBO brings home the limited series titled Scenes From a Marriage. As a modern couple is in crisis, how will they combat the distance that has crept into the loving relationship? Get ready to witness the troubles of an ideal couple who fall apart for reasons that might be a bit too relatable for viewers. A story of a couple falling apart while trying to have it all will be worthwhile to watch. 

Lead actors Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac star in the upcoming series. With such an excellent cast ensemble and a plot so intriguing, fans are about to see the bittersweet side of every relationship as this couple faces a strange distance between them. While several shows and movies have been made on the ongoing struggles of a modern-day couple, this new release will be yet another impressive portrayal of a marriage and its struggles. Let us take a look at all the details about Scenes From A Marriage Release Date.

Scenes From A Marriage Release Date: What Do We Know?

The much-awaited HBO miniseries will make its debut on the platform on 12 September 2021. Lead stars Chastain and Isaac will also be serving as the executive producers in addition to staring in the series.  The episodes will be released every week exclusively on the platform.

HBO Series Scenes From A Marriage

HBO Series Scenes From A Marriage

The trailer of the series has already been released, and it tracks the painstaking journey of a once happily married couple who suddenly feels like strangers living under the same roof. What makes the series heartwarming is the feelings that are portrayed perfectly by the actors, and it is yet another honest portrayal of modern-day relationships. The story is painting a picture with slow glances, and painstaking exchanges of love, and that estranged feeling of isolation while being together.

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Scenes From a Marriage: Cast And Plot Details.

Popular actors Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain will be playing the role of the couple in the limited series. Isaac earlier joined forces with HBO for Show Me a Hero back in 2015. The actor bagged a Golden Globe for it. Jessica Chastain is all set to star as the iconic televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker in the upcoming flick The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Jessica plays the role of tech executive Mira, and Oscar plays the role of professor Jonathan. While the couple perfectly balances their work and family life, it soon crumbles down like a house of cards. Take a look at the official trailer of Scenes From A Marriage released recently.

The miniseries will reexamine the couple’s marriage and how it goes through various emotions of love, hatred, and eventual demise and reconciliation. As the trailer says that as a couple, you just believe that nothing can hurt you, and then you gradually start to realize that actually, anything can me up hurting you. The trailer is a slow movement that will creep into your heart with the emotions that do all the talking in the story. 

Is The HBO Miniseries Based On True Events?

The original 1973 miniseries that inspired the current miniseries was written and directed by legendary Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Believe it or not but the 1973 miniseries is loosely based on Bergman’s real-life relationship with the muse and partner Liv Ullmann. She was the one with whom he was married from 1965 to 1970. The real-life relationship found its way into an on-screen adaptation that was applauded by viewers for its authenticity.

Scenes From A Marriage Release Date

Scenes From A Marriage

Back in 1974, the original was created from its six parts to a three-hour movie for a proper American release. The upcoming HBO miniseries is co-created, written, and directed by Hagai Levi. Levi is the same creative genius behind the Golden Globe-winning series The Affair. It would be interesting to see the modern adaptation of the 1973 classic. 

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