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Scary Movie 6: What We Know So Far

Some movies go on coming up with a new part and Scary is also one such movie which is coming up with its 6 edition of the film. The first part of the film was released in the year 2000 and this year it is coming up with its 6 edition that is after 21 years of its initial release date. As the title of the movie reveals much part of the film that it is a kind of horror film, that is trying to develop horror in the mind of the audience but how far are they into this is a matter of question comes up here.

The story of the film Scary remains almost the same every year and this edition the same may be expected with the film. The film is a simple horror film story that has been revolving around the same two characters since the year 2000. The film is quite entertaining but if you are someone who had watched dozens of horror film like the big names like Conjuring, It or something similar like that then you may find this film just the actual amalgamation of all those films, in short, the film has nothing much new to offer to the audience.

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Scary Movie 6- Release Date

Initially, it was believed that the film is going to release in the year 2023 due to a delay in the shooting work of the film due to covid 19 restrictions but just now recently the makers surprised everyone with the release date that was least expected. The film is going to release on April 2, 2021, that is the very next month the film is going to release. The last part of the film that is Scary Movie 5 was released in the year 2013 and this didn’t turn well because it gained maximum negative reviews from the audience as well the critics. So, it would be nice to see what the makers of the film come up with in the 6th edition of Scary that mend changes from the last edition. It may be highly possible that the 6th part of the film may be the last film of this film series and then it would be ending to this great film series.

Scary Movie Series- Cast & Insights of Plot

The main cast of the film is always new with the new part but the characters are always the same. That is just the actors are replaced like the same clothes been wormed by different people. As there is very little information about this film considering the fact that the last part was not that acknowledged by the audience. Well, so the cast of the Scary 6 includes Anna Faris, Shawn Wayans, Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson, Marlon Wayans, Gary Owen, Andrew Bachelor, Reed Alexander and Kevin Hart. Though it may be possible that there may be added many more actors in the film the above-mentioned actors are so far confirmed in the sixth edition of the film.

Scary Movie 6- Preview & Release Date

Scary Movie 6- Preview & Release Date

If you watch the first 4 parts of the Scary you would see that much of the things have been directly been taken from the horror films in the past and nothing new to scare people has been made by the director of the film. Though, the characters in all the films of this series remain the same that means the story may be somewhat different or overall same and this is what is meant by the film. Though it may be very early to comment about the upcoming 6th part and hence we can’t say anything about it currently and with the time we could certainly say about it. Basically, if you glance carefully horror film doesn’t have anything much new to offer in terms of the storyline as almost all the films have some or other variation in the storyline but on the broader line, it is always the same. The tough job that comes here is how well the actors and the directors put in efforts to get the nightmare out of you and the ultimate catch in all the horror films lies here.

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