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Preview & Recap: Scarlet Nexus Episode 3

Scarlet Nexus

The first battle with the Others has ended with the victory of the warriors who protected the Humankind. Yuito got impressed by his brother’s performance and decided to earn his name on his first day. Let’s find more about the recent development of Scarlet Nexus. The episode begins with Yuito at a young age thinking about what happened to his mother, but Kasane arrives and helps Yuito get through the past. She told him to pull himself together since he might die on his first day. Kasane signals Yuito, who managed to crush one of the monsters on their path.

Yuito looks at Kasane and wonders if she is the lady who appeared at a young age, telling him to continue living. Later Yuito thinks about the incidents and wonders what is happening in his life. He realizes that he heard a voice telling him not to let go of the Red Strings. Meanwhile, Kasane wakes up after having a strange nightmare, and Naomi said they don’t have a meeting after greeting her. The episode title is ”Scarlet Guardians.” The news reporters reveal that they have Other attack forecasts for each province.

The probability for Suoh Capital is 10%, Seiran is 15, and Togetsu 12%. Yuito and Nagi walk through the town. Yuito told Nagi the person who saved him was Kasane. Nagi thinks that it is impossible, and Yuito talks about the members of OSF. Nagi agrees with what Yuito said about the members of the OSF. He talks about 2nd lieutenant Arashi Spring, the elder sister, and Major General Fubuki, the younger brother. The two realize that they have to ignore the title or rank since what matters is the true strength.

Previously on Scarlet Nexus Episode 2

Nagi reminds Yuito about what Captain Seito told them regarding strength. He also said Kasane and Naomi are both mature like them at the age of 16. Naomi and Kasane are at another street crossing the road. Kasane told Naomi that she couldn’t let her walk alone since she might attacks creeps. The higher-ups explain how the powers of everyone around the city work and how they use them on a big screen.

Those who possess incredible powers are called the OSF and became the Scarlet Guardians. Yakumo Sumeragi saved Humankind from the total execution of the Spring of Extinction. Yakumo is the founding father of New Himuka, and Nagi praises him for being a great man. Nagi reveals that Yuito’s ancestor’s grave has become a tourism destination. Yuito replies that Yakumo was born over 2000 years ago and thinks their relations are far from him.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

Great Disaster

The duo arrives at Baki Talisman, and Nagi comments that it is an omikuji event in collaboration with Baki. Nagi praises the founding father that he is fashionable, and the two heard a voice calling their names. Yuito looks at that side and finds that it is Naomi and Kasane. Nagi greets the two, and Naomi asks if they are here for the omikuji too. Nagi replies that he is here with Yuito and Naomi asks the two to join them.

Naomi wonders if Yuito likes Baki and Nagi interferes after noticing that Yuito is taking time to answer. Nagi said they will enjoy drinking tea together since they still have time for the mission in the afternoon. Kasane notices that Nagi is getting too close to Naomi and steps between the two telling Naomi to be careful with this man. Kasane said she knew something like this would happen, and that’s why she came with Naomi. Yuito asks the two if they have a much older sister than them, and Naomi said it is only them.

Yuito wonders if the two have any relatives who joined OSF in the past. Kasane wonders why Yuito is asking such questions and says they don’t have relatives. Nagi told Yuito that they can enjoy the omikuji and drags him away. The two also followed and enjoyed reading the fortune tellers, but they are disappointed when they get creepy messages. They both find that their notice is saying Great Disaster and wonder if it is true. But Naomi finds Great Prosperity. In the afternoon, they team up and fight with the monsters that recently appears. Naomi got shot and changes into a crystal beast. Karen and his partner are on the way.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 3 Release Date

The latest Scarlet Nexus Episode 3 release date is 15 July 2021. Scarlet Nexus is available on Funimation.

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