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Promo & Recap: Scarlet aka Sukaretto Episode 64

Scarlet Sukaretto Episode 64

The dramas from Asian countries are making a name for themselves in the global entertainment industry. Tackling the issues like women empowerment, mental health, bullying, the shows have been doing a lot for society by making them see that adapting to new things is neither that hard nor bad. This is what is the new Japanese series “Scarlet” aims to do. “Sukaretto,” or known by its English name “Scarlet,” is the daily soap having mini-episodes. Till now, 63 episodes have been aired again for the viewers. Viewers are waiting for episode 64 of Scarlet, aka Sukaretto, as the story is getting interesting as ever.

The show focuses on Kimiko, a female artist, trying to make it in the man’s world. Originally released back in September 2019, the show is making its comeback after a year, re-releasing its episode. Produced by NHK General TV, the show has a total count of 150 episodes. Known to be a complicated concept, the show tackles a woman fighting her way to achieving her goal in a warm and feel-good way. That inspires other people too.

Scarlet Sukaretto Episode 64

What Is The Story About?

The show follows the story of Kimiko Kawahara from her childhood to her growing up and falling in love with the art of pottery. The house of the Kawahara family in the old village they used to live in burned down. So leaving everything behind, the Kawahara family move near the biggest lake in Japan, The Biwa Lake. The eldest daughter of the family, Kimiko Kawahara, has dreams. As she grows up wants to become a pottery artist. But it isn’t that easy, considering the field of pottery and sculpture art is dominated by men. Her family isn’t really a big help as even they try to stop her because of the people around talking about her. But nothing can stop her.

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Kimiko is not the one who can be stopped easily. She has always tried to stand up to her ground. One of the examples is given to us at the beginning of the show. When she first moved to the new village and got, and kids bullied her and her baby sibling, who had pooped in their pants. Dropping the baby at home, she goes back to chasing kids with a broomstick and asking how dare she called her sibling a pooper.

A Recap: What Happened In The Last Episode?

In the last episode, we see Kimiko Kamahara learning the art of poetry. She tries making her first teacup from the clay along with the help of her classmate and friend Soyoda. As she can make her first cup and is excited to paint and decorate it, Soyoda folds the cup back into the clay. He tells her to practice again and again so she can do it on her own. The next day both Soyoda and Kimiko go to her house to see a piece of art. As Kimiko goes in to get the piece, her mother starts telling Soyoda things about her family and asks about his plans for marriage. Looking at the art piece, they both start gushing about how beautiful the piece is.

Scarlet Sukaretto Episode 64

Once again, being asked about the plans of marriage by her mother, Soyoda replies that he is looking for a “Ms. perfect.” Putting Kimiko in a state of confusion and overwhelming feelings. As she comes back to her sense, she sees that Soyoda has already left the house. She runs after him and confesses that she loves him. Reciprocating her feelings, Soyoda says that he will always be by her side. Asking if he can hug her, she begins to cry with the overwhelming feelings as they hug.

When Will Episode 64 of Scarlet aka Sukaretto release?

Episode 64 of Scarlet, aka Sukaretto, will come out on August 23, 2021. The show premiers its episode 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday. The story is getting interested as Kimiko has just confessed to her lover, But the catch is that her father caught her with him. In the preview at the end of the last episode, we see Kimiko screaming at her father that she wants to do pottery. As expected, it is time for her to take a stand for herself in front of her family. She has many options but has to choose one. And it might make or break her dream.

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