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Say Yes To The Dress Season 20 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Say Yes To The Dress Season 20 is soon returning with its Episode 10. Say Yes to the Dress Season 20 started on yet another emotional note as we see thousands of beautiful brides trying on their perfect wedding dresses and being wed. The show has delivered us with eight episodes till this point in time, and we are waiting for the next one to drop out soon. Previously on the show, the royal highness has arrived. Also, things were getting a bit chaotic because there was very little time available for us. Although, we know that Kleinfeld loves challenges, and this was no less. The previous episode featured Jenny, who is a country singer by profession. She walked into the store to buy her dream dress for the wedding. Jenny reveals how passionate she is about snow and how she loves it.

Thus, the dress must resonate with something related to snow. On the other hand, Jenny also has some major insecurities. She had a tough childhood growing up, and it terrifies her sometimes. It was heartwarming to know her story, especially when she is about to marry. This is what I personally love about the series. The deep intimate conversations that brides have before they get married are something so raw and emotional. Now, on the other hand, we have Alayna and Chloe. The two are very opposite couples with different interests and passions. Although, it is what makes their relationship so pure.

Say Yes To The Dress Season 20 Episode 10

A still from Say Yes To The Dress Season 20

Previously on Say Yes To The Dress Season 20

As the saying goes, opposite poles attract each other. It is surely true in the case of these two. The pieces in their bond fit perfectly, with Alayna being the focused one and determined to get everything that she wants in her life. All this while, Chloe is a bit timid and overwhelmed. She is having nervousness about their wedding and how everything would work out for them. The huge challenge that the staff members at Kleinfeld faced was to keep these two loving souls away from each other because they could not see each other before the actual wedding. The third bride who came in was Daniel. She has developed herself through years of body shaming.

Although, when she tried on her wedding dress, the look on her face conveyed tranquility, self-love, and contentment. Prior to that, in the seventh episode, we had another set of brides come in on the screen. That episode started out with Jenny as well as her mom and sister, and they entered the store. They had pop fringe as well as pop rhinestones. As it so happens, the fiancé of Jenny fell in love in the snow. Later, he proposed to her in the snow. Thus, the couple decided to have the wedding in the snow as well.

Well, there is a tad bit of an issue with this. Jenny will have to wear snow boots, and this is why she needs a dress to hide them. This is when Jenny came up and revealed all the insecurities she had as a child, which is making it more difficult for her to come up with a perfect dress. But oh believe me, when she came up with one, she looked gorgeous as ever. Later in the eighth episode, we saw LaQuesha entering the scene. She wants a bling dress that will resonate exactly with her royal highness. Later, Jessica paved her way in, but we saw how picky she was with all the dresses. Now, it is time we shall discuss the next entry of this reality TV show.

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Say Yes To The Dress Season 20 Episode 10 Release Date and Where to Watch

Say Yes To The Dress Season 20 Episode 10 is scheduled for release on 18th September 2021. The episode is supposed to drop out at 8 PM as per the Eastern Time on TLC. There are a few more episodes left for the series before it finally ends. Thus, if you are a keen watcher, all you have to do is keep your eyes out every Saturday for new episodes. The most convenient way to watch the latest Say Yes to The Dress is through TLC. All you have to do is tune into the channel, and voila, you have the episode airing at the designated date and time slot mentioned above.

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