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Does Sasuke And Sakura’s Relationship Make Any Sense?

This article is written by MarbinUchiha, lets start. First off, I really don’t think I need to explain Sakura’s feelings towards Sasuke. As we all know how she’s felt for the whole series. That being said I’m going to explain how it is possible that Sasuke who murdered, hated & fell into the darkness, fell in love with someone he tried killing more than once.

Itachi plays a huge role in this, so I will be mentioning him alot.

Since theres alot to talk about, I’ll start start from the beginning. Sasuke LOVED Itachi. As an infant, Sasuke would cry when other people held him including his family but when Itachi held him, it would calm him down & make him happy. Even as a child he needed love & affection. Without it, he was upset. Sasuke as a baby, could sense what made him happy the most. As Sasuke grew up, he & Itachi spent alot of time together but at the times that Itachi couldn’t hang out, he would poke Sasuke in the head as a sorry gesture but also, he only did it with Sasuke, which made Sasuke forgive him. When Itachi killed his whole family not only did it hurt Sasuke to lose everyone he loves but to be told by Itachi that “he never loved him”, It not only broke his heart but changed him completely.

Sasuke no longer wished to have friends or any loved ones or close ones because of what Itachi did to him. No longer did he see humans as humans but as tools for his revenge. When he met new people, he evaluated them & judged them, if they were weaker than him then they were of no use to him & therefore should not be paid any attention.

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Sasuke didn’t care about what people thought about him especially the girls that had a crush on him, especially Sakura. When he was assigned to team 7, he viewed Naruto & Sakura as nothing but nuisances. He deemed Sakura annoying & useless to him. To those that he deems stronger than him he wishes to learn from them so that he can surpass them. That’s why he followed Kakashi’s instructions & started believing in teamwork.

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Kakashi helped him believe that teamwork would lead him to get stronger to finally kill Itachi. Through teamwork & alot interactions with team 7, he started to form a bond with Naruto & Sakura as well. Even though Sakura was constantly hitting on him, subtle or not, he was aware of those feelings but he told himself he didn’t have time for that because he needed to kill Itachi.

Sasuke never once said Sakura was ugly nor did he ever say “I don’t want to be with you”. Sasuke never denied having feelings for her. As you can see, subconsciously he felt a bond with her. Unfortuanetly for Sakura, he never had time for her because his goal of getting stronger, as fast as possible to kill Itachi, was more important to him. Sasuke didn’t want to get attached to Sakura for fear of him forgetting his goal & at one point, he did.

As time passed, he acknowledged her more & realized that Naruto was someone he wanted to surpass & Sakura was someone he wanted to protect. It seemed as though that Sasuke had forgot about his vegence completely until Itachi returned to the village, then he remembered he had a goal to fulfill.

That’s why when Itachi CHECKED HIS A**, he realized Kakashi was wrong & that not only Naruto but SAKURA was slowing him down. His vengence engulfed him to the pont where he wanted to hurt Naruto with the chidori, although he failed & felt inferior to Naruto’s Rasengan. Shortly after that, Kakashi lectured Sasuke telling him that the Chidori was supposed to protect friends not to kill them.

He told him that whatever happened in the past must have hurt alot but seeing Naruto & Sakura die, would hurt him even more. Sasuke at that point realized that he had a difficult decision to make. Pursue power for his revenge or let go & protect Naruto but more importantly, Sakura. He almost ended up staying but the Sound Four came through, thrashed him & made him fell inadequate. Not adequate enough to kill Itachi but more importantly, not adequate enough to protect his loved ones.

Now here’s the important part. As he leaves the village, it’s a somber moment. He isn’t happy that he’s going to finally achieve power but is completely depressed, hanging his head down with heavy, dark eyes, because he has to sacrifice his friends, his bonds, his new home for it.

It’s when he sees Sakura that he gets even more upset, subconsciously, because he doesn’t want to leave & her being there is making it harder for him, even though his mind was already made up. Even when she said “I know you hate me” he stayed silent because deep down inside, he was upset that the revenge he focused on his whole life had led to someone close to him into believing that he hated them when it wasn’t true.


Even when she confesses that she is in love with him he didn’t know what to say. Sasuke was so sure he would never see her again that he told her “you’re still annoying” because saying stuff like “I don’t like you Sakura” or “I feel the same way” just didn’t matter anymore. Why hurt her even more than he already has by indulging in her confession.

It’s when she says “take me with you, I’ll help you get you’re revenge”, that he realizes that she would do anything for him & that’s why when he knocks her out he says “Thank you”.

After hearing the truth about Itachi from “Madara”, he grows to hate the village because of what they did to his beloved brother, the person he admired the most in the whole world. He fell so deep into his hatred & tried to kill both Karin & Sakura on the same day in his pursuit for revenge.

He believed that if he killed Naruto & Sakura, that he would cut his bonds with the village (His inner turmoil of destroying Sakura’s home made him rather want to kill her than see her suffer) & ultimately make it easier for him to destroy the village. We know what happened after.

After finally seeing Itachi, he chased him down in hopes that Itachi would tell him the truth. When Itachi starts to fade away, he tells him the truth, that he did & always will love him. (Something that always made Sasuke happy, Itachi’s love) Sasuke had an epiphany.

His new goal in life was to become Hokage because he wanted to ensure that Itachi’s efforts weren’t for nothing. He wanted to take on all the hatred & make the hard decisions which would STILL give him a reason not to pursue a relationship with Sakura.

After his final fight with Naruto, Sasuke apologized to Sakura for everything he’s done to her & of course, in tears, she forgave him. Even when Sasuke leaves the village, Sakura asks to go with him. He says no because he said he had to pay for his sins. He wanted to punish himself because he didn’t believe he deserved to have Sakura there for him.

But after all those years of running away from her, he realized there was nothing else at that point holding him back from being with Sakura & poked her forehead, something Itachi did to Sasuke all the time, to let her know that he’s changed & he won’t be the same jerk to her anymore.

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This is where it starts to get confusing. Unfortuanetly, the key moments to the beginning of their relationship happens in the novels. So it’s a little confusing. Not really.

Sometime while traveling on his road to redemption, he received a letter from Naruto telling him that Sakura had been captured & he hurried back to the village without hesitation to save her. Although Sakura managed to break free on her own & took some enemies out on her own, Sasuke took out the remaining enemies without her ever knowing he was. At the end of that same novel, Sasuke believed he was home when he was around her.


Sasuke went back to traveling & met a little girl who wanted revenge on the people who killed her family. Sasuke seeing himself in the little girl, helped defeat the bad guys, instead of killing them, he sent them to prison & encouraged the little girl to forgive the guys who killed them because he doesn’t want the girl to go through the same hatred as he did.


When word got to the village of all his good deeds, Sasuke received another letter from Naruto mentioning Sakura comparing his efforts on protecting the village to his childhood dream of being in his clans police force. At that point, he remembered how much Sakura would do for him, and in even after this long, she has still waited for him & said to himself “my home is with Sakura.” When he gets to the village Sakura greets him by saying “Welcome home”


Sasuke stayed in the village for some time then wanted to go back to traveling but Sakura didn’t want to stay in the village without Sasuke, so for the first time, he let her travel with him. Sometime during the travels, she got pregnant, Karin delivered the baby at one of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Then got married. Then we know the rest from there.


As you can see, Sasuke was always too busy with his own goals instead of being with someone.

Sakura’s dream was to save Sasuke from darkness & in a way she did. Even though Naruto chased after him, its because of Sakura crying to Naruto & begging to bring Sasuke back is what helped Naruto’s drive to rescue Sasuke from the darkness in the first place. Even when she decided she wanted to kill him to protect her comrades, she mostly decided to do it to save Sasuke from the darkness.


Her love for Sasuke was so immense to the point where she’d rather be in a world with Sasuke dead then have him so full of hate & darkness. Can you blame her though? That Sasuke, wasn’t the one she fell in love with, it was the Sasuke that protected her & his friends. After finally having him back to normal, her dream came true.


He was finally back to his old self (Obviously more mature haha). All her hard work paid off. All her crying. All her waiting paid off. IT ALL PAID OFF. Sakura waited for Sasuke for so long to the point where it would have been injustice to have them not together in the end because of everything she did for him.


Alot of people, including myself at one point, believed it was Karin that Sasuke’d end up with. But when you think about it, her love for Sasuke was more sexual than actually liking him as a person, unlike Sakura, where she had an established bond with him. It may have been sexual for Sakura at the beginning but that doesnt matter because it changed over time. Anyways, Karin first met him during the Chunin exams, where he saved her.


(Even though it wasn’t in the manga, it might as well have been) then he disappeared. Years later she’d see him again, at first not knowing who he was. Since she’s able to sense Chakra levels, she was seduced by Sasuke’s chakra but started to dislike it when it changed when he was falling deeper into the darkness & when he stabbed her. Even though that happened, she still found him attractive. Overall, mostly s*xual. Not love.


In the end, she realized that all she wanted was for Sasuke to smile again. To be happy. That’s why when she delivers Sakura’s baby, even though she’s still in love with Sasuke, she was happy that Sasuke was happy with Sakura. So honestly, Karin got what she wanted.


I always that thought Ino had like 1% chance of being with him haha.

Imagine if things were different though. Imagine a world where Sasukes clan was never murdered. Him & Itachi stayed the best of brothers & he was constantly going on missions with team 7. Sasuke would still be the happy, kind hearted, little boy he was when he played with Itachi. Itachi would always be there to remind him that he has friends & that he should be nice to Sakura. He would never have left the village. He would have never tried to kill Sakura.

sasuke dead

Fortunately, Sasuke is happy with his family. (He likes to tease Sakura by not being affectionate towards her) He loves his daughter as well. (He saved her like 3 times) Even though he forgot what her face looked like, it’s because he left when she was still very young. Sasuke wanted to protect the village but more importantly, his family by investigating on leads & making sure his family never has to suffer the pain that he has. Sasuke promises that he’ll visit his family before he travels so that’s a start. Overall, Yes it does make sense, Sasuke is happy. Please share your thoughts and let us know.

Written by Sohel Moldharia

I’m Sohel Moldharia, and I’m from Navsari city of Gujarat, India. I’m an SEO expert and blogger. I dropped out of college to follow my dream and so far, it’s so good. You can get in touch with me at

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