Masashi Kishimoto Reveals New Artwork For Sasuke Novel

Sasuke Novel

It has been a while since Naruto Shippuden ended. The popular series by Masashi Kishimoto ended more than a year ago. However, they soon followed up with the anime with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The anime has crossed the 50 episode mark already and it has just entered a new arc recently.

Sasuke Uchiha Novel – Update

However, there was an announcement which took place last year. The announcement revealed that there will be several new side stories that will be released in 2018. A few weeks back, we had news that the three new side stories would be based on the lives of Naruto Uzumaki (the Seventh Hokage), Sasuke Uchiha (The Other Hokage of the Leaf) and Shikamaru Nara (Advisor of the Hokage).

We don’t have many details on the whole story of the novels. But, we have a minor detail that Naruto’s novel would be based on his Adventure with Himawari Uzumaki (his daughter). Now coming to Sasuke Shinden. Masashi Kishimoto revealed the novel’s promo cover a few days back. The release date of the novel is 4th June 2018. The novel will be out on 4th in Japan only.

This is the artwork for the novel—

Sasuke Novel

Here’s how the story of the novel is described— Sasuke has begun training with Boruto and Team Seven! During that time a popular idol of the Land of Fire, Lily, has requested protection from Boruto and his friends for a live performance but is there a massive plot that has been put into motion behind their backs…!? With the new Village of the Hidden Leaf as the center stage, questions such as what is master, and what is a student, draw the curtains back on a new generation of ninja battles!

Illustrations are by Masashi Kishimoto himself. So, it would really be nice for the old Naruto fans to see some of Kishimoto’s artwork again.