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Sasquatch Review: Hulu’s Docuseries Is An Intriguing True Crime Watch

Sasquatch Review
Sasquatch Review

Sasquatch is the latest Hulu docuseries that delves into the criminal underworld surrounding the mythical creature. We all know the urban myth of the Bigfoot. The conspiracy propelled into the zeitgeist after 1967 found footage containing a “Bigfoot.” The new documentary series on Hulu explores this urban legend. However, if you’re going into the series expecting some sort of supernatural exploration of the legend, you’re mistaken. No, Sasquatch is much more sinister and scary than a Bigfoot sighting. It is a series of interviews with people surrounding the infamous rumored murders linked with the legend. The series premiered on Hulu on April 20, 2021. It pushes the boundaries between urban legend and true crime. Joshua Rofé is the director while Mark and Jay Duplass have produced the series.

At the center of the docuseries is gonzo journalist David Holthouse. The series follows him as he attempts to solve a bizarre twenty-five-year-old triple homicide. According to rumors, three cannabis farmers were killed by the Bigfoot in Northern California. These bizarre rumors about a well know legend lead Holthouse to a series of sketchy people. Director Joshua Rofé has previously directed the Lorena Rabbit series, Lorena. While the producer’s Mark and Jay Duplass, have worked on documentaries like Evil Genius and Wild Wild Country. David Holthouse is a gonzo journalist who has infiltrated street gangs and white supremacist groups in the past.

Hulu Sasquatch trailer

Sasquatch streams on Hulu.

Sasquatch Episodes Synopsis

It starts with a story that David had heard in 1993. The story was about three men who were brutally murdered by Sasquatch on a weed farm in Northern California. It’s almost three decades after he had heard the story. And now, he had teamed up with documentary-maker Joshua Rofé to delve into the horrifying tale. The result is that this series explores the rarely-tread region of marijuana farmers. It also transverse through drug addicts, mysterious men, and unsolved murders. Back in the 90s, when he had heard the story, David was working undercover on the farm. He had overhead this story about three Mexican workers who the Bigfoot murdered, tearing them to shreds. Ever since then, he hasn’t been sure if it was true. But it does match other such stories about Bigfoot. There have been stories about workers being hit by rocks and rumbling sounds in the woods.

Episode 1 of the docuseries showcases different people talking about Bigfoot as a scientific fact. David interviews many people who talk about the mythical creature they know to be real. It’s not just that they think the Bigfoot’s true; they want the rest of the world to catch up. One of the people, who is a self-proclaimed hunter, talks about being crushed while he was inside a tent. Another one talks about seeing Bigfoot’s eyes when he was 10 years old. Episode 2 delves into the criminal subculture in the Northern California mountains. David confronts very real and terrifying threats in his pursuit of tangible evidence. And in the final episode, David meets the underworld sources and confronts dangerous suspects. David continues to follow the trail of his investigation ever deeper into a forest of greed, revenge, and murder.

Sasquatch Hulu Release date

A still from Hulu’s Sasquatch (2021).

The Dark Underbelly of Crime and Cannabis

For the fans of cryptozoology, there’s still sufficient content to chew on. There are many interviews with “experts” on Bigfoot. It starts as a pretty quirky exploration of the legend but later evolves into something more sinister. At first, it might seem like the quirky documentary about the mythical creature conspiracy, but it’s more than that. Its true strength lies in the tense moments David finds himself in as he furthers into the investigations. There are some interviews with people whose faces are blurred, or voice is muffled. By that point, the docuseries becomes scary. As Holthouse plunges deep into the investigations, the story becomes more mysterious. The more the series proceeds, the more unsolved mysteries present themselves. Talking about the documentary, David has told how at times, he thought he pushed it too far. Some characters in the series are not just shady but straight-up psychotic.

The documentary focuses on the dangerous and highly competitive cannabis business in the northern California mountains. It also delves into the lawless region where even cops fear to tread. There’s this whole culture of racism and lawlessness up there and has permeated the region for a long. The docuseries touches upon how the 19th-century gold rush brought business people to the land. However, the people who arrived were not the most honorable ones. This was a case again with the hippies in the late 20th century. The documentary focuses on the history of the place, especially of Spy Rock. The region has been the epicenter of lawlessness and murders, with bodies being often discovered. Sasquatch starts as a pretty quirky and goofy documentary about legend and conspiracy. But it sets itself apart from the rest as it goes on and explores the darkness that surrounds Bigfoot.

Sasquatch Hulu Watch online

Alleged footprints of Bigfoot.

Holthouse’s Experience During the Making

Holthouse talked about how he understood why the legend is such a fact for people who believe in it. He tells how the adrenaline is already pretty high when he goes to the woods by himself. In those moments of high adrenaline, he says how it’s understandable to believe in Bigfoot. Talking about his experience in the woods, he said, “It feels like Sasquatch is behind every tree, right.” In a recent interview, David also revealed the scariest part of making the documentary. He talked about how he found himself all alone in the mountains and what it does to one. In the woods up in the mountains, he says that one is literally off the map. The GPS stops working, so do cellphones and connectivity. In such a situation that David found himself, he claims it’s very scary indeed.

David talked about an interview he did with a woman while following sources. On one of the trips, he talked with a woman who claimed to be a witness to the murders. He adds that she told him about the bodies that were then buried on her property. He says how that interaction freaked him out, with him believing that he’d pushed his luck too far. The series is replete with moments and situations like this. As David goes further into the investigations, interactions become more and more tense and uncomfortable. People that he meets and talks with start getting uncomfortable as the investigations plunge ever deeper. Later in the series, we start seeing people with censored and blurred faces and altered voices. And it’s this tension and unease that makes this docuseries so worth binging. David is a fascinating character himself, and his gonzo journalistic talents are used well.

David Holthouse Sasquatch Documentary

Gonzo journalist David Holthouse.

Sasquatch is an Intriguing True Crime Documentary Surrounding the Mythical Bigfoot

Sasquatch is an intriguing and gripping true-crime docuseries. The three-part series delves into the urban legend of Bigfoot but unravels more mysteries. It starts with a quirky approach to the legend with goofy characters that talk conspiracies like their facts. It’s what you would expect from a documentary titled Sasquatch. But instead of the supernatural way, this series delves into the surrounding underbelly of crime and racism. It mainly focuses on the region called the Emerald Triangle. Famous as the largest cannabis-producing region in the US, it also houses many mysteries and crimes. These crimes and the malicious past related to the region make up for the darkness of the series. And it’s quite a journey going from a seemingly goofy start to the left turn it takes later on.

With the recent flurry of documentaries we have received from the streaming sites, the craving for more grows only larger. However, the documentaries of late have fallen quite a bit in their execution. There’s this same formula that all documentaries of late have been adopting. It has become quite a popcorn movie type of affair. This has also plagued true crime documentaries. But, thankfully, Sasquatch delivers on the true crime with competence. There’s a lot of things that work for the docuseries. One of them being David Holthouse, who’s great at probing into the mysteries and interviewing dangerous people. People might be disappointed to see that the series is not what they’d expect. But it’s a true crime part of the urban legend that makes it intriguing for me. Our rating for Hulu’s Sasquatch is a 4 out of 5.

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