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‘Sasaki to Miyano’ Episode 8 Release Date: Miyano Crossdresses As A Girl

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 8
Miyano blushes

Sasaki to Miyano is a cutesy BL anime based on manga of the same name. Miyano, a junior high school student who likes reading BL and fanboys about it with his senior, Sasaki, is featured. While sharing a magnificent connection, they show affection for each other. They discuss BL anime and how it’s a little humiliating to watch for newcomers. Due to Miyano’s semi-confession in Sasaki To Miyano Episode 7, the fans were completely shocked, and they are eagerly expecting narrative development in Episode 8.

Despite undergoing a period of quick self-discovery, Miyano is seriously contemplating Sasaki’s revelation. He’s debating whether he likes men. Sasaki to Miyano adds realism to the story by portraying how one will go through a lot before discovering whoever they like, particularly if they are of the opposite gender. Both lads continue to have a cute correlation with others, and despite the fact that this is their 1st time actually appreciating a guy, they are trying to break the stigma, not allowing their insecurities to overpower them, and genuinely doing what needs to happen, which is thinking, patiently waiting, and carefully going to weigh their feelings for each other, so as not to push each other, but at the same time, they are breaking the stigma.

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Sasaki to Miyano: Episode 7: “I don’t want to Pressure Him” Recap

Miyano agrees to represent his class in the Cross-Dressing Competition. He wanted to say no, but due to peer pressure and his classmate’s desperate requests, he accepted it. His blonde senior says that Miyano should have insisted on the persistence with which he ships the blonde senior with his roommate. He’s given a princess outfit. If this was old times, he would have been embarrassed to crossdress, but ever since Sasaki had told him that he loves all parts of Miyano, Miyano started to feel more comfortable in his skin. After this incident, the blonde senior, Sasaki and Miyano play cards.

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 8

Miyano thanks Sasaki

Miyano loses because he had the joker. Sasaki teases him, and Miyano says that playing with cards is more of psychological warfare. After playing, the senior leaves. Miyano says that he needs to go to the staff room. Sasaki tags along as well. Miyano asks him if he has some work with the teacher, but Sasaki says that the one he needs to see is the person he likes. The playful chemistry is fun to watch.

Miyano blushes hard, while Sasaki laughs softly. Miyano runs into the staff room. The next scene takes us to Miyano reading a BL comic in which a confession scene is going on. He gets embarrassed seeing it, because it reminds him of Sasaki’s confession. The boys walk back to the train, talking a lot of stuff about BL preferences. They affirm that they’re happy to converse with each other.

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Miyano meets his old crush, Makimura

Miyano meets his old crush, Makimura, who used to be his classmate in middle school. This happens when Sasaki has gone to buy a drink. Makimura and Miyano have a jolly conversation, and when they’re about to touch their hands to measure whose hand is longer. Seeing this Sasaki ran and prevented their hands from meeting at all. The moment was sweet indeed.

Sasaki to Miyano ep 8

Sasaki and Miyano in train

When Sasaki runs away holding Miyano’s hands, he tells Sasaki that he doesn’t like Makimura anymore. Hearing this relates to Sasaki very much. He also mentions how he got sick of people calling him a girl in the past. Some days later, Kuresawa meets Sasaki by coincidence and he sees that his parents own quite a good bakery and talks about his girlfriend with him. Then, Sasaki gets on the train, and listens to music with Miyamura while going to school.

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Sasaki to Miyano Episode 8: Release Date

Sasaki to Miyano will release on 28th February 2022 at midnight, at 00:00 (UTC+8). The episode will be titled “I realized”. Miyano seems to be feeling as if his heart is racing around someone. Miyano confesses that he doesn’t like Makimura anymore and in this episode, he will cross-dress as a woman too!! There’s no official preview yet, yet things are gonna be fun!

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 8


Where to watch it?

Sasaki to Miyano, the production house usually releases a new episode, on Mondays at 00:00 (Hong Kong, Taiwan) UTC+8 and GMT+8 on the Ani-One Asia YouTube channel for most of the Asian countries and Funimation for international viewers.

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