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Sardar Ka Grandson Review: Another Same Old Bollywood Drama

Our Thoughts On Sardar Ka Grandson
From The Official Trailer Of Sardar Ka Grandson Featuring Arjun Kapoor as Amreek Singh

Sardar Ka Grandson, another Arjun Kapoor outing coming on Netflix promising to be a fun comical watch. Also aided with some emotional elements to tear out to. We gotta give it to Arjun Kapoor as he tries to stand out as a performer by picking up different kinds of roles. Although they might not have turned out as great as we expect them to be. The actor is still looking forward to that breakout performance movement. Let it be, historical biographical drama like Panipat, action venture like India’s Most Wanted. Lastly, comedy ventures such as Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar and Namaste England. Now can Sardar Ka Grandson turn out to be memorable remains to be seen?

Sardar Ka Grandson comes from director Kaashvie Nair aided by Anuja Chauhan and Amitosh Nagpal on the writing team. The movie is produced by some big names under the banner of T-series and features some big names for sure. It stars Arjun Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, and Neena Gupta in lead roles. The co-producer John Abraham joins the film in a cameo performance as well. The film takes cues from the Al Jazeera documentary Going Back To Pakistan: 70 Years after Partition. It tends to tell a story ranging in three generations from 1947 to continuing now. So let’s take a look at what it is about and what we thought about it.

Sardar Ka Grandson Plot Summary

Sardar Ka Grandson tells the story of a devoted grandson of Sardar Kaur, Amreek Singh, who comes back to India leaving his carefree life to fulfill his grandmother’s last wish. He runs a movers and packers company with his girlfriend Radha in Los Angeles. Amreek has a past of not caring much about the work or relationships, which leads to a breakup with Radha and also a downfall of his career. While he recovers from it, a call from his father from Amritsar arrives informing him about the poor health of his grandmother who is suffering from a tumor lately. The only fact is she is the only one who doesn’t know about it.

The Story Of Sardar Ka Grandson

From The Official Trailer Of Sardar Ka Grandson Featuring Arjun Kapoor as Amreek Singh and Neena Gupta as Sardar Kaur

Amreek Singh returns to aid his ailing grandmother and in turn, gets to know about her final wish. She wants to go back to Lahore, Pakistan to visit the house she built with her husband during the partition. Though her husband died a year later during a riot, Sardar managed to reach India. But now that her health is deteriorating day by day, Sardar misses her husband as well as the house they built and hopes to relive those memories.

Amreek promises himself to fulfill his grandmother’s final wishes. The thing is there are a number of hurdles to cross. He tries to get her a passport only to find out she is on the blacklist for the time when she attacked an official during an India vs. Pakistan match. Furthermore, she can even travel due to her health. So, Amreek learns about structural relocation and hopes to get it done. In order to avoid breaking the heart of his grandmother in case he fails like in past. Amreek decides to tell her he is going back to America but instead leaves for Lahore only to find the government demolishing Sardar’s house.

Sardar Ka Grandson Review

From the plot summary, seems like a straightforward story to watch right? But that’s just not it. There are a number of things that went wrong with the movie Sardar Ka Grandson. A movie that could have been turned out to be a lazy weekend watch, like we said. The storyline, as portrayed in the trailer promised us to the movie to be comical and an emotionally moving venture. Both of the aspects which Sardar Ka Grandson fails to capture. Talking about the trailer, it gave it all about the storyline, to be honest. Many have pointed out this. In case you want to enjoy this film, you can avoid the 2-hour feature and hit the trailer on Netflix’s YouTube account.

What We Thought About Sardar KA Grandson?

From The Official Trailer Of Sardar Ka Grandson Featuring Neena Gupta as Sardar Kaur

Coming back to where we left off. The storyline is something we have seen a lot of times in commercial Bollywood. Plus, we already expect how the saga may end at the end of the day. The cheesy 2007 dated jokes, stereotypical portrayal of Punjabi household, backed by an emotional element in the story doesn’t make it much for the movie where we expect a little authenticity if they want the story to still work.

Coming to performances in Sardar Ka Grandson, we gotta say Neena Gupta kind of stole the spotlight. She could probably be the sole reason someone would hit the play button for the movie. Despite giving away, the stereotypical Punjabi old woman being a savage all the time. Neena Gupta managed to pull off the role effortlessly. The same we cant say about the lead Arjun Kapoor though.

Arjun Kapoor, as the lead Amreek Singh is portraying a character trying to come up and develop himself from his past mistakes. While he is already carrying the pressure of breaking up with his girlfriend. He also fails in the movers and packers business. Trying to fulfill his grandmother’s wish is a pressure the actor is carrying upon. There are times we expect him to tell those emotions he is dealing with to the audience watching. But for some reason, let it be comical or downright heartbreaking. The expression on his face remains the same and doesn’t give away much.

Does Sardar Ka Grandson as a story works?

From The Official Trailer Of Sardar Ka Grandson

Lastly, the music is probably another not-so-great aspect that haunts the film. Its soundtrack just signified the movie doesn’t want to move on from the same old pieces. The ones we have been watching for a while in the Bollywood industry now. Why? because the soundtrack follows the same old trick of recreating the old songs from the past catalog to use nostalgia to attract an audience. Of course, we have Tanishk Bagchi, who carries the mark of recreation if believed. So it’s inevitable. But gotta give it to his original Dil Nahi Todna. He is a great music director but let’s move on from the remakes already.

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