SAO Season 3 Episode 8 – Kirito VS Volo: Who Will Be The Winner?

Kirito finally got his new sword, a durable blade made by the branch of the Gigas Cedar. However, while testing it in the last episode, he sent the mud flying down first seat Volo Levanteinn’s uniform. In SAO Season 3 episode 8, a duel between Kirito and Volo will ensue. Who will win this duel?

Kirito will be facing the head student, Volo, as a punishment for staining the head student’s uniform. Eugeo and Sortiliena, among with almost 50 students, will watch the duel take place. Using his new sword, will Kirito beat the head student and claim the victory? The two will be exchanging blows and it seems like they’re equally matched.

sao season 3 episode 8

However, before any of them could hit the other, the fight was stopped by Miss Azurika, the one who confronted Kirito when he arrived past the curfew in the last episode. It turns out that Miss Azurika is the first Swordswoman Representative of the Norlangart Empire, which she earned from Four Empire Unity tournament. Volo will tell Kirito that his punishment was complete, and left.

Sortiliena, Kirito, and Eugeo will, later on, celebrate about Kirito’s battle ending as a draw. That’s one big deal because Kirito managed to clash his sword against the head student and still not technically lost. Later on, he will water his flowers as usual, in order to confirm if “imagination” is another parameter in this game. However, upon arriving, he spotted Raios and Humbert (the two nobles harassing him) had cut all his flowers.

A voice will tell him to ask the Sacred Flowers in the garden to revive his flowers. After doing so, the flowers will actually be revived before his eyes. Kirito will manage to give the flowers to Sortiliena, which she happily accepted. And that’s it for SAO season 3 episode 8. Stay tuned for more SAO season 3 spoilers.

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