SAO Season 3 Episode 5 – Ocean Turtle

In the previous episode of SAO season 3, Kirito and Eugeo started their journey as swordsmen after cutting down the Gigas Cedar. Not only that, they’ve got a clue now as to where Alice could be: the Central Cathedral. But what happened to Asuna and Kirito in the real world? Why is Kirito inside the Underworld? We will finally see Asuna after a couple of episodes in SAO season 3 episode 5.

SAO Season 3 Episode 5 – Kirito Kidnapped

We’ve been with Kirito and Eugeo in the last couple of episodes. The Gigas Cedar was finally brought down, which enabled Eugeo to choose his own calling. SAO season 3 episode 5 will go back to the real world after Asuna and Kirito were attacked by Johnny Black. It is revealed that Kirito was brought to a hospital and was successfully revived. The poison in his body is also neutralized, and he is deemed to be out of danger. However, he needed to be transferred to a better hospital to undergo better treatments.

sao season 3 episode 5

The ambulance carrying Kirito was seen leaving the first hospital, but it never arrived in the second one. After some investigation, and with the help of Sinon, Leafa, and Yui, Asuna found out that Kirito was kidnapped and is being held in a place called the Ocean Turtle: a secret facility in the middle of the ocean. With the help of Koujiro Rinko, they will manage to infiltrate the Ocean Turtle and will find Kirito placed in the fourth generation FullDive tech, the Soul Translator. They will also meet the one in charge of him, Kikuoka Seijirou.

sao season 3 episode 5

Seijirou will reveal that even though Kirito is out of danger, his brain sustained severe damage because of the lack of oxygen during the time his heart stopped beating. Explaining everything about the Soul Translator, he revealed that Kirito is being healed via the Soul Translator.

And that’s it for SAO season 3 episode 5. What do you think about the Soul Translator and its capabilities? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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