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Sanditon Season 2: New Cast & Plotline Updates

What is the release date of Sanditon Seaosn 2?
Promotional teaser picture for Sanditon (Credit: ITV)

Well, viewers have lost hope for the renewal of one of the historical shows from Britain, Sanditon. It has been more than two years since the first season of the show aired and took place. Hence, many almost completely forgot about the returning of the series. Surprisingly, the series made a come-back announcement for a second season this month. Now audiences are ever more curious for knowing about the Sanditon season 2 release date after the revival confirmation. However, the season will be back without one of the main leading cast, Theo James, who played Sidney Parker’s role in season 1. The news is creating quite a commotion on the internet as to the loss of one of the leading characters.

All the more interesting and exciting thing about the show is that it has not only been revived for one more season but two seasons together. Thus, one does not have to wait for long for hearing any news about the third season. ITV, the original broadcasters of the show, even announced the cancellation of the series back in December of 2019. But, new streaming services and collaboration made it possible for the returning of the show. Furthermore, it is based upon the work of one of the famous British writers, Jane Austen. Now, let’s know in detail about Sanditon’s second season release date and other details.

Sanditon Season 2: Release Date & Production

Sanditon season 2 release date has not been confirmed officially as of yet. Thus, there is no declaration for the same. However, it is expected that it will air in 2022 in the UK, according to BritBox. The digital subscription service is one of the collaborators for the creation of the upcoming season. Furthermore, it is only recently that the renewal announcement for the series took place. The MASTERPIECE PBS on the official Twitter account announced on May 06, 2021, with a short teaser of 14 seconds and caption. The caption read, “Break out your bathing suits and bonnets… we’re heading back to the finest seaside resort! #SanditonPBS Will Return for a second And third season.”

Sanditon Season 2 Release Date

A glimpse from Sanditon Season featuring interactions between Charlotte and Sidney (Credit: ITV)

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But, production for the show has not started as of writing. The show is still in the pre-development stage. The production will take place from the latter half of 2021. It may also face a delay of some unforeseen and unfortunate events occur. At last, the show is returning after a long break.

Sanditon Season 2: Where will it Premiere?

Sanditon Season 2 premiering platform has not got decided now. The first season aired on ITV exclusively, but the second season got created due to BritBox and PBS collaboration. Britbox is an online subscription service created by ITV plc and BBC. But, ITV will do air the show as it acquired the series but will happen at a later date from the original release. So, the other options left for premiering are PBS and BritBox. There are higher chances of the series airing in BritBox. 

Sanditon Season 2: Cast

Sanditon Season 2’s casting will get its official announcement slowly in the future. However, the leading female cast, Rose Willimas depicting Charlotte Heywood’s role, is returning for the second season. She also tweeted about the thrill and excitement for the second season. But, Theo James is not making his return for the further seasons. The casting information about the others is still awaited as of now. 

Sanditon Season 2: Plotline

Sanditon Season 2 plotline idea has been somewhat in the official renewal announcement. The series will carry one with Charlotte Heywood’s story as an independent and lively character after the suspenseful ending of the finale of season 1. Charlotte returns to Sanditon’s coastal resort. Compelling stories consisting of intrigue, romance, and excitement exists in the journey of Charlotte. The upcoming season will introduce new inhabitants and returning of some known faces against beautiful vistas backdrop. Everyone will have their own surprising and joyous adventures just like the town beside the seaside itself. 

As we already know, Sanditon finds its inspiration from Jane Austen’s novel of the same name. However, the novel is an incomplete one. Hence, it is also completely up to the disposition of the writer or creators for giving their own plotline. The creators too gave confirmation there is plenty of romance and adventure for Charlotte in the upcoming season despite the absence of Sidney Parker. They cannot wait for the audience to watch the show. 

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