Samurai 8 Preview Out And Release Date Confirmed

Masashi Kishimoto’s Samurai 8 is one of the most talked about manga in the modern day and it isn’t even launched yet. Samurai 8 release date has been confirmed to be 14 May 2019 and its preview is out as well. In this preview, we see a young boy who is talking to a small dog. This dog seems to be also a semi-natural creature and a semi-robot, the name of this dog is Hayatarou.

Hachimaru himself is revealed to be semi robot as well. His body is looking very weak from the start. He seemingly is a semi-robot who walks with the help of a cane, has many allergies which he wants to get rid of, his body seems to be very well as well. He wishes to go to outer space and own a sword. His most absolute wish is that even with his shortcomings he wants to become a samurai.

The preview, in my opinion, is just awesome. This kid is weak in every damn aspect in his life but still wants to succeed in life and even though he has no strong body, he still aspires to be a samurai. In the trailer, we saw this kid named Hachimaru with another character who seemed to be a samurai and was quite older to him. This guy too was a semi-robotic human being.

It seems that Hachimaru will train with this guy to become a samurai in the future. We will be heading in a way different trajectory from the Naruto series. This time around we’ll meet samurai and not ninjas. Also, this is a science fiction manga, unlike Naruto series. Masashi Kishimoto himself said that he has taken inspiration from the various mythologies as he is fond of them and also he has been inspired by science fiction material as well.

So, Samurai 8 is clearly a science fiction manga but as the story unfolds we are bound to get to see some ancient mythologies come into play as well like Masashi Kishimoto tool inspiration from various mythologies in Naruto series.

samurai 8 release date

Samurai breed itself is a page taken from the history books and science fiction has been added to it. Much like how Boruto series is going right now. It had many scientific tools bit at the same time is taking inspiration from ancient mythologies.

So, Samurai 8 might unfold in a similar way. It does seem an interesting manga and I just can’t wait for 14 May 2019 to get my hands on its first chapter which is said to be about 72 long, adding to the hype. Do tell us what you think and what your expectations are from Samurai 8 manga in the comments section below.

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