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Sam Worthington Net Worth: How Rich is The Australian Actor?

Sam Worthington Net Worth
Sam Worthington Net Worth

In this article, we explore Sam Worthington net worth. You might remember Sam from such films as “Avatar”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “Terminator Salvation” and the series “Mindhunter: Unambomber”. This Australian actor was actually born in England, but his family relocated to Australia since he was just a young child. Firstly, in this article, we will cover Sam Worthington’s personal biographic profile. Secondly, we will mention his net worth and finances. Thirdly, we will give you a few details about Sam Worthington’s personal life you might have missed.

Sam Worthington is 44 years old and he is married to Lara Bingle since 2013. Furthermore, Lara is an Australian model and TV hostess. The couple has two children (Rocket Zot and Racer).  Sam and Lara bought a house in Los Angeles for over US $7 million and sold it last year for US $9 million. Back to Sam now. He will star in an upcoming movie called “Transfusion” opposite Phoebe Tonkin under the direction of Matt Nable. The story will focus on a military operative dealing with a criminal ring while preventing an abduction. Join us as we give you our scoop on Sam Worthington here at Otakukart, where we post daily updates on all your favorite Hollywood stars!

Who is Sam Worthington?

Sam Worthington (b. 1976) is an Australian actor known for his roles in action movies and for lending his voice as “Alex Mason” in the Call of Duty videogame Franchise. Born in England and raised in Australia, this actor, and father of two went to acting school in the John Curtin College of the Arts in Freemantle, Australia. Additionally, before coming to fame with his roles in “Avatar” and other action movies, he worked in the construction sector. On his rise to fame, he would take any acting job he could get, even auditioning for James Bond in Casino Royale —though the part would go to Daniel Craig.

Sam Worthington Net Worth? How rich is the Actor from Clash of the Titans?

Australian actor Sam Worthington net worth rounds about north of US $30 million. The bulk of his income comes from his acting jobs. Additionally, Worthington is no stranger to extreme spending habits: As in one point of his life, he sold most of his possessions and went —as they say in Texas Hold’em Poker— “All in” and bought a car to live in while auditioning for Avatar. What a gamble and what a win for Sam Worthington! Furthermore on Sam’s spending habits. Once he consolidated into fame, Worthington bought a fancy house in Los Angeles for the whopping US $7 million dollars. Please read on as we tell you more about Sam Worthington’s assets and money!

Sam Worthington Net Worth is about sixty million dollars

Sam Worthington’s Net Worth is about US $60 million

Sam and Lara Worthington’s troubles with Law Enforcement.

This Australian actor has a bit of a short fuse when it comes to press coverage. One time, he had a bit of an episode —that settled with lawyers out of court— with a gossip graphic journalist. Apparently, the photographer kicked his wife Lara in the shin while hounding the Worthingtons for some photoshoots. Worthington punched the guy and had to calm down when the guy later popped a million-dollar lawsuit! Not only that, the photographer slapped Worthington with a restraining order and almost had to face a charge of assault in the third degree and harassment. But Sam has some good lawyers and took care of things.

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Furthermore, his wife is no stranger to legal shenanigans as she was once picked up by local law enforcement for trying to flee a car crash scene. The episode took place back in 2012 when Lara was driving a car with a suspended driving permit in New South Wales. The model and TV hostess apparently crashed with a woman riding a motorcycle and tried to flee the scene without giving the woman information for the insurance or checking to see if she was injured. Authorities slapped Lara Worthington with a US $3.500 fine and banned her from driving motor vehicles for a year, as well as a year and a half probation. Apparently, Miss Worthington is in trouble behind the steering wheel: She had her driving license canceled because she had committed over 6 violations and got caught driving.

Sam Worthington Net Worth

Australian actor Sam Worthington Net Worth rounds north of US $60 million


To wrap things up, Sam Worthington is an Australian actor and voice actor best known for his roles in “Call of Duty” and “Avatar”. He married Lara Worthington in 2013 and the couple has two children. Sam currently lives in Los Angeles and spends his time between that city and Australia. His net worth rounds about north of US $60 million and recently got cast in a movie called “Transfusion” opposite Phoebe Tonkin. Sam had some troubles with the law after punching a journalist for hounding him and his family but got his temper together. Good for him! That’s our scoop here at Otakukart for Sam Worthington. Keep coming back for more!

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