Sam Raimi Teases The Idea Of Spider-Man 4!

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Sam Raimi
Sam Raimi

While fans cannot get enough of Peter Parker and his adventurous escapades as the webbed wonder, it seems like director Sam Raimi might be hopeful about Spider-Man 4 too! Sam Raimi had plans for Spider-Man 4 way before the third movie premiered back in 2007. The director had to exit from the franchise due to creative differences, and later studio giant Sony cancelled it altogether.

However, the director might be open to returning to the franchise. While talking about his upcoming movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Raimi opened up about former Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire’s involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he also did talk about ongoing speculations about whether the two will reunite for Spider-Man 4! 

The Director Opens Up About A Possible Fourth Spider-Man Movie!

The director who is all set with the much-awaited Doctor Strange sequel admitted that he realised that anything is possible while he was making Doctor Strange. He further added anything is possible in the Marvel universe, including any team-ups. For now, take a look at some behind the camera scenes as the Spider-Man actors reunite for good.

While teasing the possibility of a fourth Spider-Man movie, Raimi expresses his love for Tobey and Kirsten Dunst and believes that all things are possible. While he also added that he doesn’t have a story or a plan nor is he sure whether Marvel would be interested in that right now and hasn’t pursued that as well.

Sam Raimi

Given how fans applauded Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s appearance in the newest Spider-Man movie, fans are pretty sure that a possible fourth movie will be appreciated. With Sam Raimi already on board, we might be getting a reunion fourth movie after all! However, the director added that even if it’s not a Spider-Man movie, he would love to work with Tobey again, even if it is in a different role. Even lead actress Kirsten Dunst has earlier admitted that she wants to be in the multiverse, further adding that she feels like she is the only one that hasn’t joined it yet. Fans would surely love to see that! 

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