Salvation Season 3: Release Date or Cancelled?

Salvation Season 3 Release Date

In today’s post, we’ll be discussing regarding Salvation Season 3 Release Date and updates. Salvation is an American apprehension drama television series that revolves around the discovery of a giant asteroid that will impact planet Earth within six months. Humanity must find a way to prevent this from happening, and we get to see the global impacts of this. The show looks at how different people react to this Armageddon scenario.

Santiago Cabrera as Darius Tanz: Billionaire scientist and critical player in the United States key defense against the asteroid, think of him as an Elon Musk that serves as VP of the USA before becoming President. Jennifer Finnigan as Grace Barrows, Pentagon Press Secretary, that works with several people within the American administration to prevent that giant rock from outer space to hit the planet and wipe out humanity.

Charlie Rowe plays Liam Cole, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who later becomes Darius’ go-to guy, as he is one of the first ones to draw the trajectory of the asteroid and works with Darius to run a gadget that plans to change the course and path of the asteroid.


Jacqueline Byers plays Jillian Hayes, a Science fiction writer that has a fling with Liam and is later chosen by Darius to pick 160 survivors to leave Earth if the asteroid hits earth.

Rachel Drance plays Zoe Barrows, and she is Grace’s daughter. Shazi Raja is Amanda Neel: A investigative reporter in search of the truth about Darius and the government agenda. Ian Anthony Dale is Harris Edwards: A US Air Force graduate serving as Secretary of Defence and one of the few people that know what the impact of the asteroid will be. Ashley Thomas plays Alonzo Carter, a detective with the DC Police that investigates the disappearance of minor characters in the arc story Melia Kreiling is Alycia Vrettou a computer scientist that works on a plan to prevent the asteroid from hitting earth.

The second season was an intense one, as we see these students and tech geniuses working out a way to save mankind from an Armageddon, the information on this asteroid is kept on a tight lid until during the second season it was leaked to the public and humanity being as it is, got frightened and we saw the aftermath.

No information has been provided by an official source on whether or not we will see Salvation renewed for a third season; usually, the network does that after quite some time. The first season of Salvation had better ratings than the second one, and this tanking of scores might impact CBS’s decision to cancel the show in its entirety.

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