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‘Sakamoto Days’ Chapter 58 Release Date: Sakamoto and Shin Enter The First Round Of JCC Exam

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58
Sakamoto Days 58 Release Date

In Chapter 57, the preliminary test for the JCC entrance exam begins even before the flight’s landing. The instructor says that there are several test administrators among the 360 participants, and all of them have a special bullet with JCC inscribed on it. The mission is to identify the administrators and collect at least one such bullet. Can Sakamoto and Shin pass this seemingly impossible test in Sakamoto Days Chapter 58?

All the participants are provided with a random weapon, ranging from a modern machine gun to something as simple as a spatula. This is a good test to gauge how flexible the assassins are with different types of weapons. Sakamoto receives nothing but an exotic ball-point pen, which should be more than enough for the veteran ex-yakuza member. Meanwhile, Shin is having trouble reading people’s minds in such a commotion. Here are the latest speculations and chapter updates of Sakamoto days manga.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Chapter 58 will continue with the preliminary round of JCC exams, where Sakamoto and Shin will have to get their hands on the special bullets. Shin is quite comfortable with knives, and he will be looking for an easy target. I am a bit worried about Shin since it’s his first attempt, but then again, Sakamoto will keep him safe.

Meanwhile, the other participants will be slaughtering each other. Instead of searching for the administrator, they are busy showcasing their assassination skills. Despite all this trouble, Sakamoto will be sticking to his no-kill ideology, and he mustn’t go all out to avoid getting exposed by the administrators. After all, Sakamoto was the most infamous hitman of the underworld in his peak days. The raw scans and spoilers of Sakamoto Days chapter 58 aren’t out yet, but you can check back our site on February 12, 2022.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 57 Recap

In Chapter 57, Sakamoto and Shin set out on their journey for the JCC entrance exam. They came to know that Slur is somehow connected to JCC, so Sakamoto decides to visit the place in person to investigate the area. Moreover, it’s the perfect opportunity for Shin to learn new skills and compare himself with the best assassins around the world. The other candidates in the plane get disgusted at how Sakamoto and Shin are stuffing food without paying any heed towards the exam.

Totally annoyed by their lack of seriousness, Jay Erk, a 28-year-old assassin steps up to warn them that they will be the first one to die. He goes as far as throwing away Sakamoto’s spaghetti, hoping to knock some sense into him. Sakamoto doesn’t react to it since killing that person won’t bring his food back. Moments later, flight attendant Mizuno announced the first preliminary round of the JCC entrance examination.

JCC Entrance Exam Begins

She explains that there are several JCC administrators among the participants, and each of them carries a special JCC inscribed bullet with them. In order to clear the round, the participants must get their hands on at least one such bullet. There’s no rule in this round, and the participants are free to kill anyone (including the administrators) to accomplish their mission. Each one of them is provided with a random weapon, thereby testing their weapon adaptability.

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto’s assassin family

Shin is more than happy to get a knife and jumps into the bloody battlefield, searching for the special bullet. However, his mind-reading skills are of no use since there are just too many people around him to focus on. Thus, pinpointing the administrators feels like finding a needle in the forest. Meanwhile, Sakamoto is calmly sitting on his chair with the ball-point pen he received. A rookie girl tries to attack him with a machine gun but is immediately taken care of.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 58 is expected to release on February 13, 2022, Sunday. New chapters are dropped every Sunday evening unless the release schedule shifts to some other day.

Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 58?

The last three chapters of Sakamoto Days manga are freely available on the official website of Shonen Jump. In case you want to read all the chapters legally, you will have to switch to the paid subscription.

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