Saints Row 2022: What is it About? Preview, and Trailer

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Saints Row 2022
Saints Row 2022

The adventure-packed game, Saints Row is releasing its reboot in 2022. It is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The players can play this game in single-player or multiplayer mode. An entire fictional city is developed for this game. It is known as Santo Lleso and is said to be based in the Southwest of America. Players can freely move around the game and explore the city.

The storyline of Saints Row 2022 revolves around several gangs and their fights. It consists of three gangs and the player’s character is known as ‘boss’. The reboot comes with new exciting characters, better graphics, and gameplay, and a diverse map. You will create your own gang which will be the fourth gang in the game. You will choose the unsatisfied members from the three rival gangs.

Apparently, the map of the city is divided into nine districts. You have the option to change the default character’s look. You can change everything about it and make it look like the way you desire. Read on to find out everything we know about Saints Row 2022. We’ll talk about everything, from its release date to the reaction it got from the gaming community.

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What is the release date of Saints Row 2022?

Earlier the game was decided to be released in February 2022. But, a few days ago, the Chief Creative Officer of Volition announced that there will be a delay in the release date of the reboot. According to him, the game still needs some work to be done. If they release it at the previous date, they won’t be able to reach the standards that they have set for themselves. However, they are not changing the characters or storyline. The delay is just for some extra polish to the gameplay and quality.

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The game will now release on August 23, 2022. This makes the game launch after a six months delay.

Saints Row 2022 Gameplay
Saints Row 2022 Gameplay

Where is the trailer of the upcoming reboot?

There are two official trailers available of the new Saints Row 2022. The first trailer was uploaded by Saints Row on September 2022 on its official Youtube channel. But, a lot of Saints Row fans were not happy about the trailer. The first trailer consists of a few seconds of gameplay and the majority of it was CGI-based.

Watch the old trailer here: 

However, a new trailer was released by Saints Row at the Game Awards. Apparently, the new trailer is much better than the previous trailer. The reboot contains everything, from crazy driving to loud explosions. The only returning character in the reboot is the player’s character, ‘Boss’. All the other characters available in the game are new. The town in the reboot is different than the previous game. A lot of new weapons are now available in the game. You will now have a lot more options for the customization of weapons and the characters present in the game.

Watch the new ‘Game Awards’ trailer here: 

Why are some fans not happy with the new reboot?

Saints row is one of the most famous adventure game series among gamers. After the release of the trailer, the game got mixed reactions from the gaming community. Some fans are excited about the new exciting characters. A lot of purple colors is used in the game. The action scenes and graphics look amazing.  The map is even better and more diverse than the previous game. But some fans are not happy with the new reboot.

Saints Row 2022 Trailer
Saints Row 2022 Trailer

A large chunk of fans is not happy with the fact that no character (other than the boss) is returning from the previous game. They were expecting the original characters to return to the game. Some fans were expecting the game to be similar to Saints Row 2. Despite the awesome map and extra customization now available, fans are missing the old characters of the previous game in the series. According to one fan, the game could be the next big thing in 2022. But, it probably won’t be able to compete against the hyped games released in 2022 like Dying Light 2.

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