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Since the onset of the pandemic, many movies have been made about the wrath of staying at home and quarantining. The whole ‘stay at home’ subject has become a subject of fantasy for many filmmakers. From horror movies to apocalyptic survival movies and fiction thrillers, the filmmakers have explored the nitty-gritty of the pandemic.

Safer at Home is one such example, and as the name suggests, it’s about all the above-mentioned things in one. It’s an American thriller film that deals with the post-apocalyptic survival genre. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on the apocalypse, and as a group of LA goers who ate confined to their homes, they seem to be losing their insanity, one by one. Safer at Home is written by Will Wernick and Lia Bozonelis and directed by Wernick himself. Jocelyn Hudon, Emma Lahana, Alisa Allapach, Adwin Brown, and Dan J. Johnson. Before we dive deep into the movie’s main plot, here’s an essential peek into the trailer of the same. It’ll help you visualize all the aspects of this thriller and not cause confusion, that is.

Safer At Home: Main Plot

Now, at the beginning of the movie, it is known that people are trying to break the curfew and law and order. At the same time, the police have strictly ordered people to say in the confines of their homes because they are “safer” inside. This movie breaks this myth as well. The main plot kicks off as soon as a group of LA friends decides to connect virtually, that is, online over a Zoom call. This is somewhat of an online fun party, but before you know it. It turns into one with disastrous and far-reaching consequences.

Now, the city of Los Angeles has been turned the city into a police state. This particular group of friends attends an online party, and each agrees to pop in a designer drug. After taking this pill, an accident occurs, and the night that was supposed to be fun becomes the night that changes their entire life. Meanwhile, they also are helping a friend run from the law.

Safer At Home: Ending Explained

As soon as the viewers are deep into this thriller, they can notice two things. One, the plot seems somewhat uninteresting after a while, and two, the movie kind of fails to deliver on its premise. The interesting part, though, is that this is a web camera-based footage film, and for one made in such a quality, it has done exceedingly well.

Out of the main cast, Jen (Jocelyn Hudon) and Evan (Dan J. Johnson) have been happily dating for about ten years. Another long-time couple living together is Liam (Daniel Robaire) and Ben (Adwin Brown). Oliver (Michael Kupisk) and Mia (Emma Lahan) are what they call “co-quarantining,” and the last one of all, Harper (Alisa Allapach), is the single one among all. As they all join a call to celebrate Liam’s birthday, one of the friends, Oliver, has sent everyone ecstasy pills.

In the midst of everything, the movie also attempts t talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, police curfews, and mandatory quarantining.

After popping in the pill, one of the friends is accidentally killed, and the dead body is on the floor. Oliver, the man who sent the drugs, spends the rest of the movie hiding from the cops, and so does his girlfriend, Mia. The rest of the friends are all on a zoom call; wherever they go, they take their laptop with them to direct Oliver to escape safely. Everything’s well at the end, with Oliver and Mia being safe and all. The friends come to their senses the next morning.

Safer At Home: Cast

The movie Safer At Home has a star cast of young actors who have recently been not seen on the silver screen/ and or any streaming service Jocelyn Hudon as Jen, Emma Lahana as Mia, Alisa Allapach as Harper, Adwin Brown as Ben, Dan J. Johnson as Evan, Michael Kupisk as Oliver, and Daniel Robaias Liam.

Safer At Home was in select theaters on February 26th, 2021.

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