Sacred Games Season 2 – What We Know

Sacred Games is a crime-drama series which is an Indian Netflix original. The show has already been a hit all around the globe, and it has received high ratings and reviews. The series is all worth the laurels it is gaining. The series hasn’t been renewed for Season 2, but that certainly wouldn’t be the same, because in some time Netflix will renew the series considering how well it has done already.

Lead actor, Saif Ali Khan has already hinted that the series may get a Season 2. He said his character Sartaj would be much more “activated” in the next season. Here’s what he said –

“In season two, I think he [Sartaj] will be much more activated and a bit softer. The graph starts from minus 10 and goes up to become a hero at the end of the book. So you will have to look at the graph in the second half.”

He also added that Sartaj is a “complicated” guy and his story needs to pick up the speed it’s supposed to. “I think he is a complicated guy. He has lots of issues. I think the story has to pick up a bit of pace. I don’t think he should totally change into a hero. He will still be battling his demons and have his weak moments. But generally, I think the story has to pick up a bit of pace. Yes, we should be out with one season every year, if that’s the way ahead.” Saif said.

The series, Sacred Games, if renewed which is more than probable, will come out in late 2019.

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