Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date, Episode Count, Trailer

sacred games season 2

Sacred Games Season 2 is one of the most awaited series right now in Netflix. With the success of season 1, fans can’t help but wonder what will be included in the second season, how many episodes will there be, and who will be the actors for the new characters. Here are the things we know so far about the second season.

Sacred Games Season 2 Trailer And Episode Count

Sacred Games Season 2 was confirmed by Netflix late last month and accompanied by a teaser. The teaser is a 58-second video posted on Netflix India’s Twitter account and is captioned with “The worst is yet to come. Sacred Games will be back for season 2.” Now that the season 2 is confirmed, fans don’t need to worry anymore about renewal. For those who haven’t watched the video yet, you can watch the video below.

“Do you think God will save everyone? This time God… can’t even save himself.” The is from the trailer and is a dialogue from Ganesh Gaitonde. What could this possibly mean and how will this hint impact the lives of everyone in the series? What is the looming danger that awaits all the characters?

Sacred Games season 1 was released with a total of eight episodes this year. It is expected that the same number of episodes will be released on Sacred Games season 2. But things might change, and we might get more or fewer episodes than before.

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date And Cast

Production for Sacred Games Season 2 is expected to start this fall as per Deadline, which means that we will definitely not get it this year. It is expected to come in the at the same time next year: late June or early July.

The usual cast, except for those who did not survive in season 1, is expected to come back next season. Guruji (played by Pankaj Tripathi) will be playing Gaitonde’s “third father” while Sobhita Dhulipala will play a new role in the series. Neeraj Ghaywan will direct the series.

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