S Club 7: Where Are They Now? Everything about the British Pop Group

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In today’s article, we shall cover the famous British pop group from London, S Club 7 which is not active anymore but has left numerous outstanding works. The pop group consisted of seven members about whom we shall talk individually. That’s the main focus of this article. This article shall mainly focus on the members of the group. People are much curious about the members of S Club 7. Where are they now? We shall get into their current life in a while. But before that, let’s talk a bit about the pop group’s infamous contributions to the industry. Some people who don’t know about S Club 7, might end up becoming their hardcore fans after reading this article. If you are a big-time fan of pop genre music and songs, then you must listen to the albums and songs of S Club 7. We shall also enlist some of their songs that might help you in knowing their work.

Those who are unaware of the pop group must be very much excited. S Club 7 has amazed a lot of recognition and fame in its career as a group. It has amazed and gained a large number of followers and listeners all across the globe. This article is going to be very interesting if you are one of its fans. Then, what are you waiting for? Get into this article, to know more about S Club 7, including where the members are now.

S Club 7: Introduction about the group and List of members of the British pop group

There are seven members in this British pop group, from London, United Kingdom. The name of the group ‘S Club 7’ says it all. The group was formed in 1998. As a pop group, S Club 7 gained huge recognition and fame in the industry after appearing on the television series Miami 7 aired on BBC. S Club 7 started its career in the music industry in 1998 and till 2003 it was quite active. Later on, it got disbanded and again came alive in 2014 for a year. Now the group is not alive anymore but their contributions are still in our hearts.

S Club 7 Where are they now
S Club 7

Following is the list of seven members of S Club 7: Rachel Stevens, Jo O’ Meara, Paul Cattermole, Tina Barrett, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee, and Bradley Mclntosh.

S Club 7: List of some of the famous songs of the British Pop group

If you are a big-time fan of pop groups, you must be listening to the songs of S Club 7. Furthermore, if you are new to it, the following is the list of some of S Club 7’s songs which you must listen to. Also, if you have somehow missed any of the following even after being a super fan of S Club 7, you may listen to it.


Bring Him Home.

• Broom and Brush.

All in Love is Fair.

The Color of Blue.

You’re My Number One.


Don’t Stop Movin’. 

Have You Ever.

I Miss You.

Say Goodbye.

Stand By You.

There are several other singles and albums which you must listen to if you are a fan of pop genre music. I highly recommend you to listen to their works. You will surely appreciate each one of them.

S Club 7: Where are the members now?

As the group got disbanded, the fans and followers of S Club 7 are way too much interested in knowing where the members are now. Let’s talk about it.

S Club 7 Where are they now
S Club 7

Rachel Stevens

After getting out of the S Club 7, she wanted to start her solo career and opted for it. In 2003, Rachel released her first solo album, Funky Dory. Following the success of her first album, she released her second album in 2005 and named it Come and Get It. When it comes to their acting career, she also starred in films like Suzie Gold, Spider-Plant Man. Rachel participated in the dancing television show Strictly Come Dancing Season 6 and ranked second. Later, she married Alex Bourne in 2009 and now is a mother of two cute and pretty daughters Amelie and Minnie.

Jon Lee

After the disbanding of S Club 7, Jon joined Les Miserables in London in 2004. Furthermore, Jon voiced for the role of Max in Famous 5: On The Case. In 2013, he released his solo album My Father’s Son, which gained much fame.

Tina Barrett

She started her solo career after getting out of the pop group. Tina released her single Do Ya Think I’m Sexy. Also, she played the role of Beauty in Beauty and the Beast (2013).

Bradley Mclntosh

He joined Totally Boyband in 2006. The band released the single The One which gained much fame in the industry. In addition, he is the director and founder of Citi Boy Entertainment.

Paul Cattermole

He joined Skua which later got disbanded. In 2008, he joined two of the other members of S Club 7- Jo O’ Meara and Bradley Mclntosh in turning several nightclubs for performing.

Jo O’ Meara

In 2005, she released her album Relentless. Following the year, she appeared in the shows Just The Two Of Us (2006) and Celebrity Big Brother (2007). 

Hannah Spearritt

She appeared in Agent Cody Banks: Destination London, Seed of Chucky, The Goob. 

All of them are quite successful individually in their career. Their fans wish them good luck for the upcoming days in the future.

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