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Ryan Crouser Net Worth: How Rich Is The Gold Medalist?

Ryan Crouser Net Worth
Ryan Crouser

Representing the United States of America in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, Ryan Crouser has kept his head high. The record holder in Shot Put has won the gold for his country. With his win, he created repeated history after 125 years. Not just stopping there, Ryan went on to almost breaking his own record that he set in Rio Olympics 2016. Even though he set new records, throwing at a distance of 23.30 meters, he fell short of seven centimeters to break his own world record. Being an Olympic gold winner, people have been curious about things like the net worth and family of Ryan Crouser.

Back in 2016, when Ryan made the world record, he said that he was lucky enough to tell about the record to his grandfather. He was so happy and proud that he had watched that throw on the iPad thousands and thousands of times. Paying respects to his late family member who played such an important role in his life, Ryan wishes he was here when he broke his own record and won. He does know that he is with him in his spirits and will always be so proud of him.

Ryan Crouser Net Worth

Ryan Crouser (center) Repeating History On The Podium.

How Did Ryan Get His Start?

Ryan comes from a family of athletes. His family for his father’s side is filled with the Olympians. Ryan’s father, Mitch Crouser used to be an alternate on the 1984 Olympic discus team. His uncle Brian David Crouser, qualified for two Olympic teams in the Javelin throw. While another uncle Dean Crouser was a good shot putter and discus thrower. His cousins are also both Javelin Throwers. He took part in track and field when he was in fifth grade. And he hasn’t looked back since then.

The Records He Made And Broke!

He has always had a thing for setting up and breaking records in throws. In 2009 when he was in his Sophomore year of high school, Ryan set his first record with the 3.58 lb discus, throwing it at the distance of 202 ft 6 in. His cousin Sam went on to break his record the same year. Participating in the championship in Bressanone, he went on break the all-over record with a 21.56 m put in the fifth round. Although he had to take a break in 2010 because of a foot injury, Ryan made a stronger comeback in 2011. He broke the national high school indoor record in a 12lb shot put, throwing it at the distance of 23.54 m.

Ryan Crouser Net Worth

Ryan Crouser on the field!

Tribute To His Grandfather!

Talking about his grandfather, he remembered him as the one with whom he spent the most time. He was also the one who got Ryan to start throwing. Just the day Ryan left for Tokyo to play, a day before his grandfather died. Reminiscing the good old times, he revealed that he used to practice throwing in the balcony of his grandfather’s house. He used to stay and practice there till the eighth grade. The last time he played there, he remembers that he broke the roof of his garden shed, which he had to fix the next day. He used to sit with him for hours after trials, just talking about games and getting feedback.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Ryan Crouser?

Being a gold-winning athlete and coming from a family who has represented the country on the global level several times, it is thought that Ryan must be rich. Estimating the net worth of Ryan Crouser, it falls somewhere around $1 million. He has the title of the “Four-time national outdoor shot champion” for the United States to his name. He won the title in the years 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2021. He also became the USA national indoor shot put champion in 2019 and 2020.

Ryan Crouser trains the track and field team of the University Of Arkansas. He moved there back in 2019 and has been working as the team’s coach. Along with that, the athletic star gets sponsored by Nike getting him various endorsement deals and stuff adding to his net worth.

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