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RWBY Volume 9: Everything We Know So Far

What to expect from RWBY Volume 9? You might all know that RWBY happens to be a web series that shares its format with anime. For the first time, it came out back on 18th July 2013. It was available to watch on the Rooster Teeth Website. The main plot of the series is about four teenage girls who are all trained to protect the fantasy world of Remnant. At this place, creatures called Grimm are generally monsters, and they commit crimes against civilians. This show was originally created by Monty Oum. It was tragic back in 2015 when he passed away during the production of season 3.

Despite the fact that he had passed away, the crew made up their mind to continue his legacy and has kept it alive to this date. There is a lot of appreciation garnered by the show. The audience, as well as critics, have majorly praised it for the animation as well as storyline and action. Obviously, there were some negative reviews as well where the watchers claimed that the short episodes did not contribute to the good characterization of the show. Well, there were a lot of mixed reviews for the show, but we saw it winning the Best Animated Series award.

The show has also been awarded the International Academy of Web Television Awards as well as the YouTube Streamy Awards. As of right now, the eighth season of RWBY is almost on the verge of ending. This is when the fans have started to become more curious about the future plans of the series. If you are someone who is also wondering about the updates regarding the 9th volume, then we have got you covered. Here we have mentioned all the information about the future of the series.

RWBY Volume 9 Release Date and Updates

A still from RWBY

RWBY Volume 9 Release Date

RWBY Volume 9 does not have a release date just yet. Thus, we can try to predict when we can have the next season with us. First of all, you guys must know that the eighth installment came out on 7th November 2020. We all started watching it on Rooster Teeth. Despite the fact that a potential release date is not known yet, we have a lot of clues about when the show can release. As per the information revealed by the creators, the scriptwriting process started in June 2020, while the voice recording process commenced in August 2020. Previously, we have seen that the production later takes almost 12 months to complete. If everything was happening at the correct schedule, then we must have the new volume by the end of this year or maybe even earlier in the fall.

Also, a new sneak peeks trailer has recently been released for the show. This gives us a great outlook on everything that we can expect from the next season. This footage ran for almost two and a half minutes. It was curious to note that this version was watermarked with a WIP. It means that the animation for RWBY Volume 9 has not been done yet and is rather far along in the process. This show is going to star celebrities such as Lindsay Jones and Ruby Rose. We also have Kara Eberle along with Weiss Schnee. All this while, you guys should keep in mind that RWBY Volume 8 will be available on Blu-ray by the 23rd of November 2021.

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RWBY Video Game

Now, we also have a video game based on RWBY by Rooster Teeth. It is developed by WayForward. As of right now, the creators have all come up with the final name for it, that is, RWBY: Arrowfell. This installment is almost ready to be dropped down. When the RYX at Jome Virtual Convention was being held, creators were asked about it and its release date. They revealed that we are soon going to have the show with us in 2022. As for the timeline of this game, it is set during the time skip period of RWBY Volume 7. This information was revealed by Miles Luna, the writer of RWBY. It has also been announced that this game will release on multiple platforms.

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