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Rust Creek Ending Explained: What Exactly Does the Movie Tell Us?

Rust Creek Ending Explained
Rust Creek (2018)

Rust Creek is a movie from 2018, but it gained quite some hype over the recent years. The movie is an independent film, and hence if you are a movie buff, you might want to go in for this one. If you just want some thrills, then this movie might not be for you. More than giving those spine-chilling thrills, the movie provides something else. You need to understand the movie to get the true essence of it. Hence, in this article, we will be having a look at the “Rust Creek” ending explained. 

The movie does not present us much a different story from the other thrillers. However, the ending strikes a person as weird and even makes one dissatisfied. This is the second feature film of Jen McGowan, and she has made sure that her audience thinks hard to get to that thrill. What terrifies the people, in the end, is not the events but the underlying meaning behind the actions. When we get to understand the psyche of the characters, that is what gives us the chills. The way just a simple ending to give an edge to a movie, McGowan has done a superb job to bring the movie to life. 

Rust Creek Ending Explained

The plot of the movie goes in a very simplistic way. We find the protagonist of the movie, Sawyer goes out for an interview. As her car breaks down in Rust Creek, she gets attacked by two men named Hollister and Buck. Though she manages to run away and save herself. She hides in the forest for two days, when she is apparently rescued. However, she is rescued by a man named Lowell. Unfortunately, Lowell is also related to Hollister and Buck.

Rust Creek Ending Explained

A scene from Rust Creek

Soon, the police have started to search for Sawyer. The sheriff of Red Creek, however, wants to protect Hollister and Buck. He does not want Sawyer to leave the place and complain against them. Meanwhile, both the men find her out with Lowell. As the arguments start, all of them hear a huge blast where Buck dies. At the same time, the sheriff comes and shoots Lowell and Hollister. He takes Sawyer with him. However, we get to know it’s a trap as the sheriff tries to drown her. In a sudden turn of events, we find Sawyer stabbing the sheriff and killing him. The movie ends with Sawyer walking from the scene of the murder with a backdrop of police cars.

What confuses the viewers is the ending. However, they do not realize that we have got to see the character development of a person right in front of our eyes. Throughout the movie, we keep on finding that Sawyer tends to look for help. Every time she receives helps, she is backstabbed, and worse things occur. In the end, she had to help herself to save herself. 

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What is the takeaway from Rust Creek?

There are a few good moral lessons at the end of the movie. Of course, the prominent being one needs to save themselves. Nobody is going to come to help you out of your own misery. People come with their own benefits, and they will leave you in a worse position. In the end, Sawyer finally managed to defend herself and save her life. Had she waited for the police to arrive, she might have been dead by that time.

Also, we get to find out that looks could be extremely deceiving. Hollister and Buck seemed like good guys, but they attacked Sawyer. The sheriff is supposed to protect the people, yet he is the one who kills people for his own good. However, in the end, we find Lowell, a meth cooker, to be a good person. He does indulge in illegal activities, but he has the humanity to save someone in danger.     

Rust Creek Ending Explained

A scene from Rust Creek.

The movie strictly cannot be said to be a happy ending movie. We are not given the feeling of happiness as Sawyer escapes Rust Creek. There is still the feeling of doom and despair. There is still the feeling of danger, and that is what life is.    

You can watch “Rust Creek”, here.

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