Rush Hour 4 Cancelled: All We Know

The wait for Rush Hour 4 is only prolonging. Despite hearing positive news on the renewal of Rush Hour 4 installment, Chris Tucker revealed that the movie isn’t finalized yet. Chris Tucker, the lead actor alongside Jackie Chan on Rush Hour, confirmed our biggest fears, that it had falsely got out Rush Hour 4 was happening when it isn’t actually.

Chris Tucker spoke of how he and Jackie Chan want to do Rush Hour 4 but don’t have the time for it as there’s a ton of unexplored stuff that they want to do. For those of you who do not know much about the franchise, Rush Hour first released in 1998, the latest addition (3) released back in 2007.

Tucker seems to have quickly changed his statement from happening to not happening as it was only him who revealed on a podcast back in the day that Rush Hour was happening a 100%. On Good Morning Britain Chris Tucker told both anchors Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan and Rush Hour 4 was finalized as of now. Tucker only sited his busy schedule as to why the delay was taking place. Besides being action movies, Rush Hour franchise is known for Comic scenes interesting storylines and amazing chemistry between Jackie and Tucker.

Rush Hour 4: Key Details

Last month marked twenty years of Rush Hour. 20 years have passed since Jackie Chan, and Chris Tucker joined hands to recuse the kidnapped daughter of Chinese Diplomat. Rush Hour was released by New Line Cinema back in 1998, and it grossed around $244 million. In Rush Hour franchises Jackie Chan did all of his stunts, and no stunt double was involved. Rush Hour was directed by Brett Ratner.

Rush Hour: Cast

1. Jackie Chan as Detective Inspector Yang Naing Lee
2. Chris Tucker as Detective James Carter
3. Tom Wilkinson as Thomas Griffin / Juntao
4. Tzi Ma as Consul Solon Han
5. Ken Leung as Sang
6. Elizabeth Peña as Detective Tania Johnson
7. Marka Rolston as FBI Special Agent Warren Russ
8. Rex Linn as FBI Agent Dan Whitney
9. Chris Penn as Clive Cobb
10. Philip Baker Hall as Captain William Diel
11. Julia Hsu as Soo Yung Han

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