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Run BTS! Episode 152: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Run BTS! episode 152 release date: After a long quest of completing their interior designing work! BTS is back with another fun game, more like a fun vacation with them! In episode 150, you can see all the members gathered up together and explaining things about the place they’re staying in. You could see them making all sorts of guesses by making fun of each other which is the most important work.

As the show moves on, they’re in the newly opened Josun Palace Hotel in Gangnam. And guess what their theme is “Run BTS!”- Hotel Staycation. Moreover, for the first time in Run BTS! all the members will stay in their personal rooms. They pretty much enter into a new game for winning a room right away. The first game is to recognize pitch sounds- the capital game for the first room is the Best Suite room. The members are all ready to guess the sounds and give in their answers.

After a long series of deciding who’s got the perfect pitch and a few demonstrations, they’re finally ready. Jungkook quickly gets the first sound right, as expected from the Golden Maknae of BTS. So, Jungkook won the Best Suite. The capital game, the 4 character idiom, complete the proverb and cham cham cham are finally done! So, the remaining members move into their respective rooms and check out everything. Now, the fun begins!

 Run bts! Episode 152 release date


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Run BTS! Episode 151 Recap

BTS has finally moved to their own little spaces. But, they have to maintain their budget, if they use all the money and turn their balance to zero, the KSW 7 million prize money will be divided amongst the members equally. As soon as the game begins the members are surprised by the menu and its price. quickly the show escalates and they’ve stacked up all the favorite food that BTS likes. Everything from the main menu to dessert.

As the game moves on, the rules for the Run BTS! room service is quickly displayed. BTS can order anything from the menu. However, they can only order two items. And of course, the first client is Jungkook, he quickly notes the amount he spent. All the BTS members are quickly notified about his KRW 560,000 purchase. The second client is Jhope and while he’s busy guessing his order, everyone else is thinking about ordering their own.

All the members have finally ordered their favorites. But, everyone is very interested in Jungkook’s special best suite. So, he quickly takes them on a room tour. As the day moves on, everybody’s busy playing with the games they just ordered and having fun in each other’s rooms. While Jhope, RM, Jin are busy exploring the game that Jin just got for himself.

V, Jungkook, and Suga are busy relaxing in their own rooms. It’s so fun to see the boys pretending to be the boss monster while playing the game. Jhope instantly becomes a part of the game. They spend the rest of the day having fun together or sleeping, overall they enjoyed their free time after so long. The show ends with the members winning a 1 million gift card voucher and their discussions about their favorite moments in the show.

Run BTS! Episode 152 Release Date

Run BTS! episode 152 is expected to release on 21st September 2021. I am pretty sure that fans are waiting for the next episode. It’s fun to watch the members get along with each other on a good note. Episode 150 and episode 151 were premiered on 7th and 14th September 2021 respectively. The members are up with a different set of games in every episode and guess what, it’s refreshing to watch all of it.

You can watch Run BTS! on V live as well as on other streaming platforms like Weverse. There’s a week left for the premiere of the upcoming episode of Run BTS! To get any further updates, make sure you catch up with Otakukart and keep yourself updated on all the information regarding Run BTS! episodes. Just like the previous episodes, where all the members had fun with their staycation, I am sure they will come up with a new idea, a new place, and a new adventure for ARMY!

Run BTS! Episode 152 release date


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