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Rumbling Explained in Attack on Titan: What Was Eren’s Masterplan?

In this article, we will thoroughly explain rumbling, what it is, what it’s capable of, and most importantly, how it was set in motion by our protagonist Eren Yaeger. The rumbling is the most catastrophic weapon in the Attack on Titan verse which possesses the power to quite literally flatten the earth and destroy all of humankind. Now the question arises why our protagonist turned antagonist is willing to put such a thing in motion, which could very well put his friends that he loves so much in danger. More importantly, how can he put this catastrophic thing in motion. In this article, we will explain Rumbling and everything related to it, so make sure to read this article till the end to understand everything there is to know about rumbling.

Attack on Titan has finally reached its end in the manga after approximately eight years of the release of its first episode. Eren is impulsive, caring, stubborn, and resilient, which are attributes of his determination to fight for mankind and eventually escape the walls. As he is not from the royal family, Eren has only half of the control over his titan power. He is constantly haunted by his father’s memories of Attack titan and his Founding Titan powers.

Many people perceive Eren to have become evil in Season 4. Maybe he is not, but considering what Eren has been through, it is safe to say that Eren has always been a monster. Even before the fall of Shiganshina, he displayed an act of pure brutality by murdering two people in order to save Mikasa, which is the reason Mikasa is soo deeply indebted to Eren. Despite his brutal acts of violence, Eren deeply cares about his friends and to protect them, he is ready to sacrifice himself or destroy 80% of all of the world’s population, which he pretty much did. If I had to describe Eren Yeager in a single sentence, it would be “A boy who sought freedom,” and it is really sad to say that even after all he did in order to be free and live according to his own will, till the end of his life he was not free.

The Rumbling

The Rumbling

Rumbling Explained

We first heard about Rumbling in the fifth episode of Attack on Titan season 4 “Declaration of war” where Willy Tybur gives a huge speech to military and diplomats from all around the world. In which he explains, when King Fritz took the Eldians to Paradis island, and he made a vow renouncing the war after the walls were completed, King Fritz gave an ultimatum to the outside world that if any act of war against the remaining Eldians residing in Paradis island is initiated by the outside world, the tens of thousands of Colossal-like-Titans would be unleashed upon the world to flatten the entire earth. But willy adds that it wasn’t his real intention.


King Fritz used the power of the founder’s titan to create three walls as we know today by summoning an incalculable number of Colossal-like-Titans lined up shoulder to shoulder with the help of hardening. Willy bluntly tells the audience that Eren Yaeger has usurped Founder titan and now is a threat to mankind. Therefore, the fate of all of Humankind and Marley rests solely in the hands of usurper Eren Yaeger. 

Destructive Power of Rumbling

Rumbling if unleashed would be an extremely catastrophic event. Just imagine tens of millions of colossal like titans running wild, causing destruction destroying whatever comes in the way, and they very well can. They possess the power to topple mountains. On top of it, by unleashing wall-titans, Eren would be compromising the safety of the people of paradis island. When wall-titans would go on the rampage, the wall itself would be gone as well, leaving them vulnerable to Human led or Titan-led attacks.

How Did Eren Convince Ymir? 

Eren has secretly been the owner of the Founder titan when Grisha injected titan serum in him, which was even before when Attack on Titan began. Since Eren is no royal blood, he cannot access 100% powers of the founder’s titan for that he needs to come in contact with royal blood. That’s where Zeke Yeager walks in, Eren’s half-brother, who, despite being royal blood, isn’t bound with the vow to renounce war. Zeke’s plan was to sterilize the Eldians to prevent them from procreating, and for that purpose, he needed the founder’s power.

After being decapitated, Eren wakes up in a coordinate where Zeke tells him that this is possible because he managed to catch Eren’s head before he completely dies. Zeke tried to get Eren to command Ymir Fritz to sterilize the Eldians, but to no surprise, Eren declined and said that he only pretended to get along with him to end up here. Ymir only responds to royal blood, and Eren is just a key for Zeke to unlock the founding powers. Zeke commands Ymir to take away the ability of Eldians to reproduce, and Ymir simply obeys him as she did King Fritz as his slave. She was nothing more than a tool for King fritz to accomplish his ambitions without giving a single thought about what Ymir wanted.

Eren in The Coordinate

Eren in The Coordinate

When after 2000 years, Eren tried to convince Ymir that she is not a slave or a tool to anyone. She is just a human being, and she doesn’t have to obey the orders of his brother Zeke or anyone for that matter. He didn’t force Ymir to give him her powers. He let her decide by herself, he gave her power of choosing, which no one ever gave her in 2000 years, and moreover, he treated her equally as a human being and not a slave. That was the reason why despite Zeke being royal blood, Ymir sided with Eren because bounds of freedom are much stronger than that of blood.

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