Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth: How Much Does The Pro Boxer Earn?

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Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth
Roy Jones Jr.

What is Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth? Well, Roy Lavesta Jones Jr. Or commonly known as Roy Jones Jr. is a retired professional boxer. Jones is also known as one of the greatest fighters of his generation. He has tried his hands out in boxing, acting, rapping, and commentary ever since. Jones celebrated his birthday every year on January 16. Jones was born in 1969 in Pensacola, Florida. He started boxing as a child and showed incredible ring skills in his teenage. In 1984 he won the 119 lbs division at the US National Junior Olympics. Two years later, he won the first of two National Golden Glove Awards in the 139 lbs category and repeated his win in the 156 lbs category. At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, he was selected for the US boxing team, where he took part in one of the most infamous and controversial Olympics of all time.

Barely sweating, he reached the light welterweight final. He reached this stage by not losing a single round and showing complete dominance. But after this also he continuously showed his dominance at the final against a fighter from his hometown Park Si-Hun and landed nearly three times as many punches as his opponent. he lost the match with a 2-3 knock. Many people out there during the fight were convinced that Jones should have won and even one of the judges later apologized. In 1997, the IOC opened an investigation into the finding that three judges had been employed by South Korean officials. However, the results remained the same, but the Olympic scoring system was changed as a result of the fight.

Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth:

What is Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth? Well, Roy Jones Jr. has an estimated net worth of around $45 million in 2021. Over the course of his career, he has made an estimated $55 million from fight matches. If Jones Jr. decides to fight back again in 2021, the net worth could be even higher. Jones Jr. Is famous for being one of the few fighters who rose from middleweight to heavyweight and even won a world title.

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Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth
Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr. has dual citizenship after receiving citizenship of Russia at the special request of Vladimir Putin. Jones was named the “Fighter of the Decade” by the American Boxing Writers Association in the 1990s. During his 29-year professional career, Jones Jr. has taken part in 75 professional fights and lost only nine of them. Returning to the game in 2020, Jones Jr. Played against the legend Mike Tyson in an exhibition match. Since then, he has announced that he will continue to fight in 2021.

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Roy Jones Jr. Professional Career

Jones made his professional debut against Ricky Randall in 1989 and impressed both experts and fans with a two-round knockout victory. After three years, he was successful to win his first super-middleweight Continental Americas championship. He won his first world title in 1993 when he beat Bernard Hopkins to win the IBF middleweight belt. Jones broke one of his ankles early in the match, so he had to fight Hopkins with one arm. In the year 1994, he was successful in defending his title against James Toney. James Toney is also the IBF super-middleweight champion.

Jones made a sensational effort in 1996 when he not only defended his super middleweight championship but went on to gain weight for the WBC light heavyweight belt – and guess what. He won. At the time, Jones was being rewarded for something close to the fear of many in the boxing world, and his acknowledgment as the “Warrior of the Decade” seemed just because he dominated the ring for much of the 1990s and even into the 21st century.

Roy Jones Jr. Net Worth
Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones Jr Record:

Prior to his great professional career, Roy Jones Jr. also had a fantastic amateur career. Jones’s record stands at a staggering 121-13. These stats are given according to his own website. As a professional, Jones’ achievements are innumerable. He turned professional in 1989 and has a professional record of 66-9. 47 of these wins were knockout matches.

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By that time, he was fighting in four weight categories, winning the belt in each one. He cemented his legacy in the sport in 2003 when he defeated John Ruiz and became the WBA world heavyweight champion. He is also the undisputed world heavyweight champion. Jones retired from the sport in 2018 after beating Scott Sigmon. His ambition is to train the next generation of fighters. However, with his comeback fight, he plans to keep fighting in 2021.

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