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Rose Rosenfeld in the Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did She Win A Date With?

Rose Rosenfeld appeared on the Celebrity Dating Game and walked out with her perfect match. But who is Rose Rosenfeld? And who is the man she got her date with? All of this will be covered in this article. However, we see it; things couldn’t have gone better for the Australian Public Relations Manager. While she was unaware of who her mystery man was, it looks like she took a big win. But all of this truly boils down to her responses and the compatibility she felt during the game. Before we reveal who her mystery man was, we can tell you that she did love his accent, which was more than enough for her to believe he was an attractive man. Fortunately, her mystery man too found Rose intriguing, and it seems they might just be suitable for one another.

The Celebrity Dating Game is an updated version of the 1965 dating game by Chuck Barris. This version of the game show is hosted by the New Girl Actress and songwriter Zooey Deschanel and the Grammy-winning singer Michael Bolton. This show features a variety of stars from various fields of the entertainment industry as they take part to find their love. Each episode of the show features two celebrities as they must pick a date for themselves from three suitors. The catch is that the suitors cannot know the identity of the guest. The only way that the guest can choose their suitor is through their conversations. The only clues regarding the featured guest the suitors receive are through a series of parody songs performed by the show’s host, Michael Bolton.

Rose Rosenfeld in the Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did She Win A Date With?

Zooey Deschanel and Michael Bolton.

Who Picked Rose Rosenfeld on the Celebrity Dating Game?

Rose Rosenfeld was picked by Nolan Gould. Nolan Gould is most popularly known for his role as Luke Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family. Here, he was part of the show for 11 years that came to an end last year with its eleventh and final season. There had often been rumors about how Nolan was close to his co-star Ariel Winter. But remaining true to their roles on the screen, the two cast members are close and not in any intimate way. In the show, Ariel Winter’s character, Alex Dunphy, was the smart older sister to Luke Dunphy.

Rose Rosenfeld in the Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did She Win A Date With?

Nolan Gould.

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What Happened During The Show?

Nolan Gould was presented with three choices. No. 1 was the digital strategist from California named Amber Blu. No.2 was the Public Relations Manager from Australia. And No.3 was Tenn Coach, Medina Ali from California. And before the contestants could start to know one another, the host, Zooey Deschanel, raised a question to Nolan about what he looked for in his significant other. To this, Nolan responded that he wanted a confident and charismatic woman who believed in herself. Here when Rose was asked, How would she describe herself? Rose responded that she was not crazy but a more down-to-earth kind of person. Other than that, she is quite adventurous, witty, and loves the concept of love.

Rose Rosenfeld in the Celebrity Dating Game: Who Did She Win A Date With?

Rose Rosenfeld and Nolan Gould

Nolan was intrigued by other contestants as well. He liked Medina’s date idea and Blu’s backstory but was ever so intrigued in Rose. Rose Rosenfeld had the most spontaneous environmental changes as she moved from Australia to LA within a day’s notice. She had been thinking about this move for some time but finally decided to take the bullet. On asking what her warning label should be, Rose said that she was hotter than one can imagine. While Nolan did like her confidence in herself, he did worry that Rose may one day pack her bags and leave him. Jokingly, he even said how Rose would not be allowed to own a suitcase if he were to date her. Rose responded as to how that would not happen. And instead, she would rather take a spontaneous trip alongside him.

Final Decision

Even Rose Rosenfeld had come to like Nolan as she loved his voice. She did not care who the celebrity was, and was already attracted to him. The final decision-making statement by Rose was how her new hobby was scuba diving alongside whale sharks. This had Nolan Gould pick Rose Rosenfeld in the Celebrity Dating Game, as they set forth on their new relationship.

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