Rookie Cops New Trailer Released: All We Know About It

Rookie Cops Featured Image
Rookie Cops

Upcoming South Korean drama Rookie is making it to the headlines as it sits comfortably as one of the most anticipated dramas in the first half of 2022. The drama has an ensemble cast that includes the debut of Kang Daniel, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Shin-young, and Park Yoo-Na. Fans are extremely excited as the drama presents a very slice-of-life genre with pieces of romance and a rollercoaster of various emotions.

With Kang Daniel making his debut, the viewers just calm keep calm. Along with this, the launched teaser, trailer along with the MBTI of the characters certainly is creating a lot of curiosity in the minds of the audience. The characters are different from each other, with each having their point of view towards life. How these souls live under one roof as they head towards studying in one of Korea’s most conservative police universities will be a captivating ride to be in.

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From The New Trailer Of Rookie Cops

The teaser presents the slowly yet steadily growing relationship between Wi Seung-Hyeon and Go Eun-gang. It feels as if their meeting was fixed by destiny, as though both of them are completely polar opposite souls still somehow they just connect. While Seung-hyeon is bounded by discipline, Go Eun-gang is someone who doesn’t fear failures and is someone who loves taking chances. It can be presumably said from the trailer that they are in a confusing state, however, they do make each other happy by sharing the small moments together. Each time they discover a newer version of each other and fall a little bit harder. While going for walks to riding bicycles, they do enjoy each other’s company.

Rookie Cops
A Still From The Trailer

Both Seung-Hyeon and Go Eun-gang came with different agendas to the police university. How their parallel worlds collide will be an interesting watch. Apart from them, Park Yoo na as Ki Han-na and Lee Shin-young as Kim Tak will also be gracing the screens. Han-na is someone who always has the target to come first. She has an independent attitude however, it does not dwell well with others at the university as they are accustomed to living in group life. Kim Tak, from the junior national judo team, is a bit reserved and tends to be alone. However, he finds his friendship in Wi Seung-hyeon. How their friendship turns into many memorable memories is something to look forward to in the series as well. 

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New Poster And Stills Of Rookie Cops Gets Released

The new stills of rookie cops raise a question regarding the first encounter of the main leads. Wi Seung-hyeon has an expression that says that he previously may know Go Eun-gang as he is pointing towards her, while Go Eun-gang stands there with her eyes, indicating feelings of anxiety as a mistake has taken place. From this, it can be said that their first encounter may not be an appealing one, however, this can be one of the leading points of their relationship.

Rookie Cops
The Newly Released Poster

Another still is from inside the police university as Go Eun-gang can be seen to be a bit annoyed as she can be seen pointing towards Wi Seung-hyeon. Wi Seung-hyeon seems to be enjoying that part, maybe he only has done something to annoy her. Well, it can be depicted from the stills initially, both of them will bicker each other a lot only to land up as lovers.

A new poster regarding the drama has also been released. In the poster, it can be seen that Wi Seung-hyeon is smiling while keeping his hands on Go Eun-gang’s shoulder while she is enjoying having a police cap on her head. Though both of them are looking in the opposite direction while smiling, the oozing chemistry is enough for the viewers to go on. The poster comes with a line that says ‘Youthful First Love Is Coming’.

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