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Romance Retreat Filming Locations: Was It Really Canada?

Where was romance retreat filmed?

Hallmark’s Romance Retreat is a twisted-tangled movie. Unlike other movies from the channel, Romance Retreat is not all about love. The movie Romance Retreat has a thriller side. Dana is a journalist, who is secretly investigating a suspicious app that is guessed to be invading the user’s privacy. Confused by her tangled lifestyle, Dana mistakenly expects her vacation spot with the one where she was supposed to go for investigation. So now she’s in trouble. Dana’s boyfriend dumps her because she couldn’t make time for him. Now the vacation can’t be dropped out in the middle so she stays and Here’s the Hallmark part! She meets a gentleman who turns out to be the center of the huge scandal.

The place of vacation is too beautiful to not wonder where it may be in real life. And if you were wondering where is Hallmark’s Romance Retreat filmed? Here we are, always ready to answer your question!

Romance Retreat filming spots

In the movie, they are found in Canada on a vacation with some Yoga influencers who encourage couples to do Yoga together. But was it really Canada? Let’s see!

Where Was Romance Retreat Filmed?

Yes! It was Canada. Hallmark’s Romance retreat has beautiful scenes to adore. As always, the crew has done an amazing job in cinematography and choice of location. Canada served as the filming location for Hallmark yet again! Didn’t I tell you they have great chemistry? They do have. Since the channel or distributor didn’t tell us enough about the filming locations of Romance Retreat, we dig into the social media accounts of the cast of the movie. Actors usually post from the set to keep their fans updated. Many a time, they do so to express their sincere delight in working with other actors, either way, it’s good.

So here is what I got to know when I looked deep into the Instagram of the lead actor, Morgan David Jones.

Was romance retreat filmed in canada?

Toronto, Ontario

As I kept scrolling, I finally spotted Morgan David with Amanda Schull in a post. From the post, it is clear that they were shooting at Ontario. And that’s how Toronto is the major filming location of Hallmark’s Romance Retreat.

It’s not surprising to know the producers chose Toronto. Ontario is incredible! The place has Niagara Falls man! There is nothing that you can’t find in Ontario. And Toronto is the capital of Ontario. You can find wide-ranged forests, beautiful parks, four of the five Great Lakes, and the world-famous Niagara falls, all in Ontario.

Meet The Cast Of Romance Retreat

Romance retreats feature many good actors. Here are some of the characters and the people who played them. First, we have Amanda Schull playing the role of Dana Willingham, a journalist who is on-task to expose the scandal of some app calling “Insight”. Dana tries a lot to maintain her love-life and work balanced. She even joins the couple yoga sessions to keep her boyfriend, Felix, happy. However, they break up at the yoga retreat vacation, where Dana meets Stefan. Jamie Spilchuk played Felix Moore, Dana’s boyfriend who breaks up with her as she always used to bring up work in everything. It was Felix’s idea to go for the couple yoga thing.

Next, we saw, the hero of the movie, Morgan David Jones presenting Stefan Gonzales, a tech Guru who turns out to be the head of the app Dana was investigating. Stefan and Dana fall in love and it becomes a test for Dana to choose between her love and her career. Some other important people from the movie are Melissa Williams as the yoga instructor, Rishma Malik as Quin Moore, Patrice Goodman as Catherine, and A.C. Peterson. 

Hallmark's Romance Retreat Filming Location

Where To Watch Romance Retreat?

Romance Retreat is available on Amazon Prime to stream. You would need a subscription to watch the movie; however, you can watch it during your 30-day trial too. Some other apps are Hoopla, DIRECTV, and The Roku Channel. You can watch the movie for free on The Roku Channel!

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