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Romance in the Air Filming Locations: Everything You Need To Know

Romance in Air filming locations
Romance in Air filming locations

Hallmark movies are always happy and heart-warming. And in this case we bring you details about Romance in the Air filming locations. Firstly, “Romance in the Air” is a movie featuring Canadian actress Cindy Busby (you may remember her from 2011’s “The Big Year Susie”) where she plays a woman in trouble with her job position trying to find comfort. Secondly, like most Hallmark movies, it is one of those flicks where you can just kick back, pop the popcorn kernels in the microwave, cozy up in front of the tv. And then grab your blanket and enjoy.

“Romance in the Air” debuted in Hallmark Channel in August 1st, 2020 at 9:00 PM eastern time. It stars Cindy Busby and Canadian actor Torrance Coombs (you might remember him from his role as Thomas Culpepper in The Tudors). This Hallmark Channel movie was directed by Brian Brough, whose long work in production in made-for-tv flicks of these kinds is notorious for his family films. In this article, we will cover a couple of trivial details regarding this movie’s production. Now come with us as we share with you some of those details here at Otakukart. Let’s go!

Romance in The Air Filming Locations

Romance in the Air’s photography takes place in Lake Tahoe, mostly on California’s shores and Utah’s. If you’re not familiar with Lake Tahoe. We gathered some information about it for you. Here it goes. Firstly, its one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the Western United States. It shares borders with California, Nevada and Utah states. and its a very frequented tourist attraction. Moreover, it’s where they shot most of the scenarios in Romance in the Air.

Other places where Brian Brough shot this film are Park City, Utah. This is a spot in the movie where Eden and Kate were invited by Riley for a hot air balloon adventure ride. In that scene, the trio jumped in a hot air balloon and enjoyed the views of the Western state of Utah and what it has to offer. Without a doubt, the West is the best, just like Jim Morrison from the Doors wrote in that song years ago. Its views prove it.

Romance in Air filming locations

Romance in Air filming locations

What is the story of Romance in the Air?

‘Romance is in the Air’ is a romantic comedy film that follows Eden Clarke as she returns to her origins to relax, only to discover what she has been missing her whole life. Eden is a marketing professional who is tired of her hard work and urgently wants to escape the suffocating city life. Eden chooses to visit Lake Tahoe, where she used to spend her holidays as a teenager, in order to revitalize her senses. When Eden arrives, she runs into her childhood friend Riley, who is trying to keep his hot air balloon start-up afloat.

Eden develops emotions for Riley while assisting him with his company. Riley secretly feels the same way about Eden and even begs her to reconsider her choice to leave the tranquil Tahoe and return to her mundane existence. If Eden remains, she risks losing her career and boyfriend, but if she goes, the marketing professional may miss out on spending the rest of her life with Riley, her real love. What will Eden decide? ‘Matchmaker Christmas’ and ‘Timeless Love’ are two of my favorite Christmas movies. The film is directed by Brian Brough, and the screenplay is written by Brittany Wiscombe.

Romance in Air filming locations

Romance in Air filming locations

Who acts in Romance in the Air?

Eden Clarke is played by Canadian actress Cindy Busby. Ashley Stanton from ‘Heartland’ may be familiar to you. Other noteworthy films she has been in include ‘Cedar Cove,’ ‘When Calls the Heart,’ ‘Somewhere Between,’ ‘Date My Dad,’ and ‘The Wrong Stepmother.’ Torrance Coombs appears in the film as Cindy’s love interest, Riley. The actor is most recognized for his roles in ‘Reign,’ ‘The Originals,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ and ‘The Tudors.’

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Interestingly, both Cindy and Torrance are cast members of ‘Heartland,’ yet their characters never cross paths on the program. Eden’s best friend Kate is played by Sashleigha Brady, while Eden’s lover Michael is played by David Cleveland Brown. Riley’s buddy Spencer is played by Tim Flynn, while Eden’s employer, Reese, is played by Lonzo Liggins.


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