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What To Expect From Rocket League Season 3?

rocket league season 3
rocket league season 3

Rocket League is one of the most popular games which doesn’t come in an action-adventure or shooting genre. Its genre is somewhere between multiplayer action and sports. All you have to do is play soccer, but instead of your legs, you have to sit in a car and shoot and pass the ball with the car. Sounds quite fun, and yes, it is.

The game has gained popularity since its launch, but its number of users jumped massively last year after the game became free to play. The move to make it free to play and introduce something like seasons and a battle pass feature has boosted the game’s value. There have already been 2 successful seasons, and now we are in the third season. Let’s look at the release date and the new features that we will get in the third season.

New Cars And Stadium

Well, this season’s focus will completely be on the cars coming from NASCAR and Formula 1. Fans are excited to drive these supercars and play football with them. Well, fans will have to wait until May to access these legendary cars as the game won’t have the cars until May. Apart from cars from NASCAR and Formula 1, the game is getting a car from the developers themselves. In short, a car that game developers have developed. This car is being made to match the power of Formula 1 and NASCAR cars. The car is named Tyranno and will only be available with the Rocket pass.

Tyranno Rocket League

The famous DFH stadium has also been redesigned for the new season. The stadium has a circuit around the corners. DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be added to the Competitive and Casual Playlists and available in Private Matches and Freeplay once Season 3 starts.

Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass is similar to the Battle Pass in action fps games. There are different tiers of rewards. Every tier has a free reward and a paid reward. In Rocket Pass, there are 70 tiers in Season 3. If you are a premium pass holder, you get to go beyond the 70th tier, and you will get some exclusive rewards. Some of the noticeable free rewards in the rocket pass this season are

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So if you buy the premium Rocket Pass, it will cost you $9.99. The Premium rewards track in the Rocket Pass gives players exclusive decals, toppers, paint jobs, boosts, and bonus credits/XP.

Players can also buy a premium bundle if they want. The bundle will unlock the first 12 tiers of rewards and also unlock the Tyranno straightaway. If you are someone who plays the game with full dedication and is good at it, then the game gives enough opportunity to cover up for the 9.99$ as you get great credits for winning as you are a premium pass holder. But it won’t come easy, though. You have to be good, and you have to grind.

DFH Stadium Rocket League

Trading Rules

The game is making some changes in the trading system too. An account must reach Level 30 XP to unlock trading with other accounts and must have more than 50 minutes in Online matches.

Accounts with Level 30-99 XP can trade three times a day and limit 2,000 credits per trade.

Accounts with Level 100-249 XP can trade 10 times a day and limit 10,000 credits per trade.

If your XP level is beyond 250, you can make unlimited trades every day with a limit of 10,000 credits per trade.

Rocket League Season 3 Release Date

So with everything discussed like the new stadium(upgraded), the new Tyranno, cars from F1 and NASCAR. Apart from all these major changes, there are a few bug fixes that will improve your in-game experience. There is a lot to look for in this new season of Rocket League. Talking about the release date, the season has already released on April 7, 2021. There was a huge update on April 6th, and the next day the season started.