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Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7: Release Date & Spoilers

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7
Robot Chicken Season 11

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7 is releasing soon. The sketch comedy, stop-motion adult animation Robot Chicken will turn every character and piece into a parody. Robot Chicken is inspired by ToyFare: The Toy Magazine, bringing various animation toys, action figures, and other objects to audiences in a new and unique way. This type of parody you must have never seen or heard of. The animation series contains ten completed seasons. The ongoing season eleven is doing a great job at leading sketch comedy to a whole new level!

The latest episodes of Robot Chicken proven that the show is still in its prime time. It even included Batman, Bitch Pudding, Darkwing Duck, Cats, Cobra Commander and Tiger King. The funniest moment was when Robot Chicken took Batman Beyond’s training to a completely different level. It even showed Robot Chicken finally ready for the Darkwing Duck hunt. No matter which action figures or animation toys appear on the show, they will not last long before the invincible Robot Chicken. The show follows series of stories presenting different stop-motion comedies in every piece. Robot Chicken is leading parodies of all objects beyond anyone’s imagination.

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What Happened in Robot Chicken Season 11?

Every episode of Robot Chicken Season 11 brings new parodies of different pop culture representatives, delivering in a sketch comedy stop-motion animation. The latest episodes were not any different. It showed Robot Chicken introducing several famous figures and pieces in its uncanny ways, including Batman, Cats, Bitch Pudding, Darkwing Duck, Star Wars, Cobra Commander, and Tiger King. The mixture of all these was beyond viewers’ imagination but, Robot Chicken produced a different side of every character with a touch of humor. 

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7

Robot Chicken Season 11 Cats film

The latest episode revealed training between Robot Chicken and Batman. Who would have thought Batman would need training? Robot Chicken Showed its views exactly how Batman Beyond’s training went beyond Batman’s training. Poor Batman, Robot Chicken did not even leave him. Then there was a deleted scene from Cats that turned the film into a masterpiece. Another force that came with full of energy on the Robot Chicken show was none other than enchanting Bitch Pudding, who was more ready to shake the whole show. However, that is not the end. 

Robot Chicken also brought Darkwing Duck. It was more like Robot Chicken locked and arranged for a Darkwing Dunk hunt. Hunting is good, but Robot Chicken is not stopping here. With humor and a lot of fights, the show’s greatest warriors gathered for a war that went beyond the stars. Finally, the show summoned Cobra Commander. It displayed how Cobra Commander could not even resist the Tiger King. With each episode, Robot Chicken has delivered new parodies to make viewers laugh with its antics beyond logic. 

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7

S11 of Robot Chicken featuring Bitch Pudding

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7 Release Date

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7 will be released on 16 September 2021 at midnight ET on Adult Swim. The Series Season 11 comprises 20 episodes. Until now, six episodes have been released. Season 11 of Robot Chicken’s airs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at midnight on Adult Swim, US Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block. Besides this, Robot Chicken is also available on various streaming networks such as Sling, Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, iTunes, HBO Max, and YouTube TV. 

Spoilers of Episode 7

The upcoming Episode 7 is titled “May Cause Lucid Murder Dreams.” Even the title seems sharp, but we know the episode is going to be a blast. Finally, we will do some Naruto action this season. Naruto fans can look forward. But his entry will not be for any mere purpose. Naruto has trained hard, and now all lies with the Robot Chicken writers to think whether Naruto is ready for the test or not. But what kind of test will conduct? That is not just the end. We will also greet The Force who grows into something new and more destructive. Will it cause more problems, or will it bring something unimaginable?

Lastly, Robot Chicken will teach Martin Scorcese a few knowhows about filmmaking. Indeed, our Robot Chicken never fails to surprise us. First Naruto, then The Force, and lastly Martin Scorcese! Get ready! The next episode will shake you with laughter. To know more, watch Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 7. 

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