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Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Wanna see something that makes sense and doesn’t make sense at the same time? “Robot Chicken” is the show you need to put on the screen in front of you. The satire comedy show might ruin your sleep schedule (as claimed by the fans who are watching the show since last decade but don’t regret it a bit). But it’s all worth it. An Adult Swim production, created by Family Guy’s Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, the cartoon hits the right spot to make you wonder what is going on. Back for its season 11, fans are eagerly waiting for the episode 5 of Robot Chicken.

But where did the Robot Chicken come from? As a chicken was hit by a car on the highway, an evil scientist spotted it. Getting the chicken to his lab, he operates on him and fixes him with mechanical parts. Tying him up on the chair in front of the set of TVs, we see him looking at the TV and changing channels. So it might be the chance that WE ARE THE ROBOT CHICKEN! As the show is on its eleventh season, the chicken is on its bed watching the set of TVs, joined by another chicken who is watching the chicken watching the TVs. But what is so interesting about paying on the TVs that the chicken doesn’t want to leave the TV?

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 5

Where’s The Leeway!!

Recap Of The Last Episodes

In the last episodes, we saw one of Rey Skywalker’s spice parties and an April Fool’s plan gone wrong. A legendary fight scene from GoT. And the avenger’s endgame as David gives Thanos the idea of erasing half of the population. We also come back to Barbie as we saw her getting shot in the street after she wins a rap battle. This time she finds out that her boyfriend Ken has been cheating on her with *drumrolls* her long-lost twins. Getting to know all of them are Barbie’s twins; Ken dies in hospital, but not before meeting his long-lost twins.

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 5

Barbie and her long-lost twins and the cheating Ken in the hospital.

We also visit totoro-san from the neighborhood as Mei and Satsuki go to visit him after he loses weight. And it was not a pleasant sight at all. Changing the channel, we reach the bathroom where Jigsaw comes in to warn the prisoner to cut his arms but gets laughed at because of his tricycle. He overcomes his fear and learns how to bike! Moving on to a fixed NBA match gone wrong to Drake and Josh fighting and using the hotness privilege.

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Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 5 Release Date

Robot Chicken Season 11 Episode 5 will be premiering on September 14, 2021, on Cartoon Network. Titled “May Cause One Year of Orange Poop”, the episode will feature some dark takes on your favorite shows and will ruin it for you in a good way. As the show premieres 4 days a week. Episode 5 will be followed by the next three episodes straight for the next three days. The whole set of episodes may cause Random Wolf Attacks, Lucid Murder Dreams, or a Numb B**thole.

Season 11 has a lot of “May Cause….” in it. Meaning that the set of Tv’s the Robot Chicken is watching is sure something interesting. As it is filled with the parodies of our favorite shows ever. Season 11 begins with a bunch of monkey-cavemen roaming around the cave as the huge set of TV falls from the sky. While others surround the tower of the TV and look at it curiously. One in the corner finds the remote and gets happy with the power in his hands. That he ends up killing one of the members of his herd. In the first set of episodes, we have been warned that the episodes may cause a Whole Lotta Scabs,  Light Cannibalism,  Immaculate Conception, or even the Exact Thing You’re Taking This to Avoid.

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