Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4: Sabrina Finally Arrives!

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4

The next special episode in the 5 part special event that is Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4 is around the corner. This has got the viewers quite excited about what is going to happen next on the show. In the previous episode, we saw the prince of darkness, the devil himself make his appearance in the town of Rivervale. He was there to collect lost souls to prepare for a war that he is probably about to wage. On the other hand, Betty’s encounter with the devil turned out a lot serious for her.

She ended up killing a good friend of hers thinking it was the devil. Whereas, Veronica had to make a huge sacrifice in order to protect her soul from the devil. But the question was, did anyone even win against the devil from the town? The show has come a long way with its characters and storyline in the previous five seasons. Meanwhile, the sixth season that kicked off on 16th November 2021 has taken everything to a whole new level.

The show has been quite successful since it first started airing in the year 2017. Whereas, the fact that the show is based upon the characters of Archie comics is another reason for its success. The ongoing season is currently airing a five-episode special event that has got the viewers intrigued. After the first three episodes, the fans are eager to watch Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4. However, let us take a look at the events that happened in the previous episode.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 of Riverdale Season 6 came out on 30th November 2021. The episode was titled “Chapter Ninety-Eight: Mr. Cypher” and it opened up with Jughead talking about a folktale. According to it, a devil would visit a town in various disguises and collect lost souls. It was not long until the tale started to become a reality in Rivervale when the devil himself arrived to first collect Granda Pops’ soul. Tabitha found out that, Pops had put his soul on the devil’s contract to save his father’s soul. Meanwhile, Reggie and Veronica opened their casino with a grand opening where the devil, Mr. Cypher made his appearance.

First, he offered Kevin everything he had dreamt of in his life by showing a glimpse of it. However, in return, he got his signature on the contract where he can take away his soul when the time comes. On the other hand, Betty got a call from Glen who told her that the Trash Bag Killer was caught and he wanted to talk to her only. Whereas, Betty later found out that the man in the mask was not TBK when she stabbed him to death only to realize that it was Glen. The devil had fooled her into believing it was him who she was killing. Meanwhile, Jughead made a deal with Mr. Cypher that he could publish his exclusive interview with the devil.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4
The Devil, Louis Cypher

However, in return, he could never write a word after that. Realizing that he had done a mistake, he signed the soul contract as well in order to undo the deal. Meanwhile, Tabitha got help from Rafael who is one of the good guys, and gave her the tears of the Virgin Mary that would protect her, Granpa, and the diner from Cypher. Whereas at the casino, Veronica managed to strike a deal with Cypher when she agreed to provide him with one lost soul every week from the casino in exchange for the devil not taking Veronica’s soul. Although, it was Reggie who she sacrificed in the first week after she learned that Reggie had put her soul on the line for the casino.

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Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4: Release Date & Air Time

The special event in the season is going to jump a level higher in the next episode. “Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4 will release on 7th December 2021 at 9 pm ET on The CW in the United States.” Moreover, the episode will be titled “Chapter Ninety-Nine: The Witching Hour(s)”. We’ll also see the popular character, Sabrina from “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” make her appearance on the show. So stay tuned and don’t forget to watch the episode.

How To Watch Riverdale Season 6? Streaming Details

With the popularity of the ongoing season, the viewers are quite eager to know about where to watch Riverdale Season 6? Well, that question has a rather simple answer to it. “Riverdale Season 6 airs every Tuesday at 9 pm ET on The CW in the United States.” Meanwhile, the show is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, the viewers can stream the show on Netflix and Youtube TV.

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