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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 20: Release Date & Spoilers

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 20 is highly sought after by fans. Riverdale Season 5 started out way stronger than we initially expected it to and amazed the fans with its awesome plotline. The drama has adopted its plot as well as characters from Archie Comics. Roberto Aguirre Sacasa happens to be the chief creative officer of Archie Comics, and he was the one to create the show for The CW. Riverdale Season 5 was produced under the banner of Warner Bros. Television as well as CBS Studios. Initially, the creators all planned to make Riverdale into a film, but the idea was sold to Fox for a television series. The show started airing on The CW later in 2017.

As for those who are not aware, the show focuses on the life of the character named Archie Andrews. He is a teenager living in a small town named Riverdale. He has started to explore the darkness which is hidden behind the perfect image of this town. Previously in the 5th season, there was obviously a lot of drama to deal with. It all started with a piece of unexpected news regarding the old commanding officer of Archie. As he hears about this turn of events, he opens up to Uncle Frank. We see him describing the kind of life he used to live while serving in the army.

On the other hand, Veronica has her own problems to deal with. Chad has called the SEC on her, which is pretty troublesome for her part. Although, we see Veronica coming up with a very clever idea in order to raise funds. Later in the 17th episode, we saw a friend going missing. Tabitha seems really worried about the whole incident and thus, asks for help from Jughead as well as Betty. The trio sets to investigate this situation in a deeper aspect. On the other hand, we witness that Penelope is trying to manipulate Kevin into believing her ideas. As a result, he straight up goes to Cheryl and confronts her about the ministry.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 20

A still from Riverdale Season 5

Riverdale Season 5 Recap

The eighteenth episode came rolling after this plot and was titled Next to Normal, Chapter Ninety-Four. Also, you guys should know that it will just take five new entries for Riverdale to reach a 100 episode mark. In this episode, we see that Alice has managed to create an imaginary musical fantasy to live in after everything that is actually going around her, which is pretty horrible. She is trying to build a world where Coopers are living under the same roof and are one big happy family once again. Betty being the sane one out of the two, tries to pull Alice out of this fantasy and into reality.

As we blinked our eyes a bit, the 19th episode glared at our TV screens on The CW. It was titled RIP (?) and aired on the 6th of October 2021. We witness that the gang is trying to cope up with the pieced that are left-back after a very rough year. Also, the timeline has been fast-forwarded. Riverdale has changed a lot, as a matter of fact, till now. During the concluding moments of this episode, we see that an incident happens at the Pop’s forces. This ultimately gives rise to a very difficult decision that the gang had to make. This one resolution can alter the future of this small town in great ways. Well, this is all that we saw in the fifth season of Riverdale, and it is high time we talk about its future.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 20 Release Date

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 20 simply does not exists. The show ended at 19 episodes for this installment and gave us a pretty hectic cliffhanger that is hard to move on from. Although, Riverdale Season 6 has been confirmed by the creators. It is scheduled to release on the 16th of November 2021. The plot details are kept under tight wraps as of now, and we do not know what to expect just yet. Also, you guys should keep in mind that this new season will once again drop out on The CW every week.

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