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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 is arriving in the upcoming week. As the series moving on, the story unfolding. However, the latest episode was all about Josie and the Pussycats. From the way the episode is presented, viewers are expecting a spin-off. Of course, they would. Because we did not get to see all the puzzles pieces that could turn into a big picture. The latest episode answered the question we all have been wondering about. But in return, it did leave more questions for audiences. 

The latest episode answered why Josies was up and left in the middle of everything. It was related to her father. She was finally able to face Melody and Valerie, where she apologized for her mistakes. Josie and the Pussycats conducted one night concert to save Riverdale, which seemed pretty successful. We also see Josie asking Melody and Valerie to join her to record a song together. Then there is Sweet Pea, who also got together and accompanied Josie on her journey. Toni gave birth to a baby boy. By the end, a new mystery arose regarding Josie’s father’s death. However, seeing the episode, it seems we may get a spin-off, but only time will tell we actually will get it or not. 

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 is titled “Chapter Ninety-One: The Return of the Pussycats.” From the title itself, you can guess what happens in the episode. Finally, in this episode, viewers can catch up with Melody and Valerie’s adult versions. Valerie has written a book that could be adapted into a movie. Her boyfriend, who is ready to get married (even though she is not), maybe cast in the film. But Tyler Perry seems to have another thought. Josie, on the other hand, disappears in the middle of the tour. Finally, she is back. Apparently, Josie visits her old town and encounters Hiram/Mr. Lodge, who complains when she sings, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16

Josie and the Pussycats

Josie is now a much bigger deal, and if Mr. Lodge has any problem, the hotel can move him somewhere else. The following day, Josies visits her high school to use the school’s music room. However, in return, she has to teach a music class where Archie finds her. She goes out for drinks with the gang that night, where she realizes that they are not her friends but mere acquaintances. Josies reminds them the same. It seems she only comes back to Riverdale for composing music, and hence after drinks, she leaves early and bumps into Sweet Pea. They hook up, and later she goes to meet Melody and Valeria. She tells them about having on her next album. 

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Melody and Valerie confront Josie, and she apologizes for her wrongdoing, and they agree to think about her singing offer. Moving on, Josie encounters her mother, who guessed she would come there. This is where we find why Josie vanished. Her father passed away when she was in Berlin, and hence, she walked away from everything. Moving to Melody, she turns down Tyler if Valerie can’t be in the movie. At the same, Josie’s mother calls and tells them about her father. Later they meet Josie and agree to record together. Remembering Veronica’s idea of putting a one-night show to save Riverdale, Josie and the Pussycats reunion at the Whyte Wyrm. The small concert is successful. 

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16

Riverdale S5 Ep15 Josie returns Riverdale

It shows that Toni goes into labor and could not even reach a hospital. Thus, ends up delivering the baby boy in the back of Pop’s. As the episode comes near-end, Josie asks Melody and Valerie to join her on the tour and help her spread her father’s ashes. Well, all in all, they agree. Even Sweet Pea joins them on the bus. But before Josie and her mother could leave, a musician who knew Josie’s father meets them. The episode ends with him telling her father was with Myles in New Orleans before his death and mixed up in some trivial crime. It seems Myles is murdered. So maybe the next stop will be New Orleans. 

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 Release Date and Spoiler

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 will be released on 15 September 2021 at 8 pm ET on The CW. The Series Season 5 premiered on 20 January 2021. It contains 19 episodes. So far, fifteen episodes have been released; each episode runs for 40-45 min. Every new episode of Riverdale Season 5 releases weekly on Wednesday at 8 pm ET on The CW. The series is also available on Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime Video. Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16 promo video is out! 

The upcoming episode 16 is titled “Chapter Ninety-Two: Band of Brothers.” In the next episode, it shows, after hearing some unexpected news about his former commanding officer, Archie will open up to Uncle Frank about his time in the army. It seems Veronica will come up with a new clever way to raise funds after Chad calls the SEC on her. It shows Kevin and Cheryl’s attempt to take control of the ministry. Jughead will go on an apologies tour. To know more, watch Riverdale Season 5 Episode 16. 

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