Ridiculousness Season 11: Episode 24 and 25

In this post, we are going to talk about American comedy clip show Ridiculousness season 11 episode 24 and 25 release date and spoilers. The show debuted on 29 August 2011. The show is hosted by Rob Dyrdek and co-hosted by Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel West Coast. The show features some of the hilarious videos which have become viral over the internet through the influence of social media platforms. These are usually the failed stunts or improperly organized tasks.

Also, the hosts are there for making the videos more interesting by adding some funny dubbings and commentary on the video; this eventually means that the videos are eventually posted by individuals, but the show and the broadcasting network MTV do not accept any viewer-submitted videos as they propose them to do more failing stunts just to seek attention.

Ridiculousness Season 11 Episode 24 and 25 Release Date

The 24th and 25th episodes of Ridiculousness season 11 are going to be broadcast on 9 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on MTV every Sunday. The eleventh season is supposed to have 30 episodes.

Ridiculousness Season 11 Episode 24 and 25 Spoilers

The 24th episode is titled as “Supreme Patty,” and it is justified as media star Supreme Patty is going to collaborate with Rob. Both the guys will be seen taking a tour to “Patty Country.” As we all know, there will be some funny videos featured, which were found trending on the internet. The show will then move on to see some airport incidents in “Aeromania.” Afterward, we will see the worst way to behave with your eyeballs.

The title of the 25th episode is “Jimmy Uso and Naomi,” and it is very much obvious that the both before mentioned WWE superstars and celebrities will come on the show. Jimmy and Naomi will learn on the show that sometimes, “Pain Don’t Hurt.” Actually, that is for some people only though. Also, they try to cope up with the old and fast in “Silver Bullets,” and they affirm that not everything relies upon us, some things are “In The Blood.”

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