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RiceGum Net Worth: How Rich is The Youtube Artist?

RiceGum Net Worth

RiceGum is one of the top Youtube personalities. He is only 24 years old, and now everyone is wondering what RiceGum net worth is? RiceGum is his stage name, but his real name is Bryan Quang Le. He is not only a youtube, but he is also a rapper. His song named diss track went viral and had more than one million views. He released his first single. It’s Every night Sis in 2017 that was part of a feud. That song was especially writer in response to Jake Pual’s song. It’s Everyday, Bro. However, RiceGum was declared the winner of the feud when his first song ranked 55th on the Billboard and was number on the charts for several weeks. Success speaks louder than any abuse or trash talk, and the young Youtuber proved it right.

Billboard and the Record Industry Association of America classified the song as platinum the same year. Rice Gum’s rage towards Jake triggered his art, and see what a market piece was created. RiceGum is the best example of how to channelize your negative energy into productive use. This is what real influencers do. They inspire people to be the best version of themselves. RiceGum has released many songs after that, and every song has been topped the charts. He also appeared in the video Earthquake by a rapper KSI.

RiceGum Net Worth

RiceGum Is One Amongst The Top Youtubers In The World. (Credits: Insiders)

The video crossed over 46 Million views, and the rapper said it is because RiceGum appeared in the video. His fan base is so solid that they will never let their favorite Youtuber down. RiceGum is a full-grown celebrity. Now he appeared in the commercial of Superbowl for Monster headphones. Also, in 2021 he is the Youtuber whose channel was most subscribe in the year.

RiceGum From Being A College Dropout To Being A Celebrity

RiceGum is a college dropout, but he can make a couple of thousands which people working in big Multinational Companies can’t. He pursued his dreams, and now he is a star. He chose his passion over security. RiceGum took the risk, and now his songs are certified platinum by the association. He didn’t give up on his dream. Every dream is important, and You should not give up.

Youtube Feud RiceGum Vs. Other YouTubers

Ian Walker, a YouTuber with a channel name of iDubbbzTV, made a video of his popular “Content Cop” series on RiceGum, which earned over 50 million views and over 2 million likes. The end of the video highlighted the diss track Asian Jake Paul. In reply to the video, RiceGum made the diss track “Frick da Police”. The diss track was met with uninterested reception, currently holding 1.3 million dislikes since its release. RiceGum has also been linked in controversies with other famous YouTubers and musicians such as Gabbie Hanna, Bhad Bhabie, and James Rallison.

RiceGum Was Criticised For Shaming Asia

In 2018, RiceGum uploaded a video of himself in Hong Kong on his main YouTube channel. In the video, he asks a staff member in a neighborhood McDonald’s if they have a dog on the menu as he states, “Asians eat cats and dogs in China.” He also jokes about requiring dog and cat meat to eat as he is “always open to experiencing new things”. He talks about Hong Kong Street food beef entrails, asking if it is dog meat and saying “shit seems disgusting”.

A lot of people criticized him for making comments like that. His fans said that he is disrespectful and culturally insensitive in a foreign country. Jimmy Wong tweeted that he is frustrated as RiceGum’s videos are now “disrespectful, vulgar, borderline racist, & offensive to all creators, particularly Asians”, and asked him to “please grow up & stop.”

RiceGum Net Worth

RiceGum net worth is 8 million dollars. He has 10 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, and every video gets more than 7 million views. Youtube pays the Youtubers according to the views, and he must be getting a chunk of a million for the time he spends on youtube. And he has signed a contract with Monster headphones which is worth 3 million dollars. He has to promote the Moster headphone in exchange for some millions.

He holds royalty to his super hit songs, which will always be his legacy, and he has also started taking paid promotions that build a hefty net worth for most internet personalities. RiceGum is only 24, and still, he is a millionaire. He still has a very long way to go, and if he kept on working hard like he is doing right now. He will make it to the billionaire list by the end of his 30s.

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