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Riccardo Tisci Net Worth: How Rich is The Italian Fashion Designer?

What is Riccardo Tisci's Net worth?
What is Riccardo Tisci's Net worth?

Riccardo Tisci is an Italian Fashion designer and is a native of Apulia. The 46 years old designer owns a big name in the world of fashion and has worked with big names in the entertainment industry. He also designed wedding dresses of both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Riccardo’s clothes are also carried by Rihanna, Madonna, and many more. He is known for his comfortable designs of clothing.

Riccardo got his first major break in Givenchy in 2005. He was appointed as creative director of the haute culture, ready to wear and accessories lines for Givenchy. The CEO Marco Gobbetti also could not resist praising Tisci and said that he is a perfect fit for Givenchy. He presented his first Givenchy collection in Paris in July 2005. After working for 12 years in the company, he stepped down from the creative director and said that he wants to focus on his interests.

Under the Givenchy, he designed costumes for Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour and then worked for Jean-Paul and Dolce & Gabbana. Apart from these celebs, he also worked for Beyoncé and Jay-Z. He also designed series of Nike Air Force 1 Shoes.

He is now working for Burberry and succeeds Christopher Bailey. But what is the actual estimation of all the income he has earned till now? Tisci is a known name in the fashion world, but his earnings are still a mystery. However, we have collected some information that gives us an estimation of much he is getting paid at Burberry. Read below to know more.

What is Riccardo Tisci's Net worth?

What is Riccardo Tisci Net Worth?

Riccardo Tisci has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. This value was estimated in 2020, and there are no new updates or reports on his net worth as of 2021. He earns most of his net worth through fashion designing. Riccardo’s other ventures are never discussed in public. He shares a very limited amount of information about himself. How much does Riccardo earn or how much assets he owns has no public data. As we know, Riccardo is an experienced designer and is doing fashion designing for 2 decades; nobody is going to pay him less.

Currently, he is working as a chief creative executive at Burberry. There is a way by which we can at least know how much he is getting paid at Burberry. He was assigned at the place of Christopher Bailey, who is also a British Designer. Bailey was paid at least £13 million when he was working in the same position Riccardo is working now at Burberry. Therefore, Riccardo must be getting paid around £13 million or maybe more than that. Apart from the salary, the company also handled Bailey’s share and other needs. What we mean to say is, after comparing Bailey (an ex-chief creative executive at Burberry) and Riccardo (a current chief creative executive at Burberry), we can at least put an idea of how much Riccardo is getting paid at Burberry.

What is Riccardo Tisci's Net worth?

Riccardo’s salary is still a mystery, and we can only put assumptions about his salary and investments. However, when he was hired as Burberry’s chief creative executive, he shifted to London and rented his New York home at $24,500 per month. He also owns an apartment in Paris. Apart from this, there is no information about his investments, income, and its various sources.   

Riccardo Tisci related controversy

The controversy took place almost two years ago is in 2019. Riccardo was Chief executive of Burberry in2019 also. That was the main reason why he was dragged into the controversy, however, fashionistas say that it was genuinely Burberry’s mistake, and Riccardo was somehow responsible for it. The event revolves around a goddamn hoodie that had a noose as fashion and apparently, it got the reaction that it deserved. Model Liz Kennedy, who was carrying the hoodie, pointed out the noose in the hoodie and called out the Burberry executives to evoke suicide for the sake of fashion. Kennedy then took to Instagram and slashed very harsh statements on Burberry and Riccardo.

In a very lengthy caption, Kennedy said began by saying that Suicide is not a fashion. She added that it is not glamorous, and then she pointed out Riccardo in her caption. Kennedy said that the hoodie reflects the wrong image on young girls and youth for whom the fashion week was being carried. Moreover, she added that people were even making fun of the noose in the dressing room, but when she pointed it out, she was asked to write a letter or to just keep it to herself. 

As soon as Kennedy’s post went viral, Riccardo and Burberry answered it and apologized. They even removed the hoodie from the collection that was inspired by a nautical theme. Tisci in a statement, said that he is sorry that the distress was created by one of his pieces in the show. He agreed that the piece was insensitive, and he did not do it intentionally. At last, he added that whatever happened does not reflect his values either Burberry’s. 

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