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Re:Zero Spin-Off Manga: Wilhelm’s Story Meets its End

Re:Zero Spin-off Manga has come to an end

The Re:Zero series has been one of the best isekai light novels to have been created. Written by Tappei Nagatsuki, Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World was a big success. It was adapted for an anime and also was followed by a spin-off manga and a series of spin-off light novels. The spin-off manga, named Kenki Koiuta ~Re:Zero kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu † Shimeitan~ is written by Tsubaka Nozaki. Fans of the parent story had taken an immense liking towards the manga for its setting in the similar universe. As usual, Re:Zero has filled the isekai genre with exciting and unique plots, overthrowing the clichè concept of demon lords and game-like background. Its spin-off manga too brings in the same energy for fans to enjoy. As per recent updates, this Re:Zero spin-off manga has come to an end. 

The parent manga, Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World revolves around Natsuki Subaru, a shut-in who gets teleported to another world. Bound by fate to come back to the past every time he dies, Natsuki must fulfill his goals to avoid being stuck in a time loop. In this new world, he is surrounded by demi-beings, witches, and dangerous cults. He must save Emilia as she steps into the politics of this world. For anyone who loved the original series, we would highly recommend the spin-off manga too. It could be a good time to start reading it since the Re:Zero spin-off manga has come to an end gracefully. 

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What is the Re:Zero Spin-off Manga About?

The Re:Zero spin-off manga by Tsubaka Nozaki was launched in 2018 by Kodakawa’s Comic Alive. In September 2020, Kadokawa published its third compiled book. The spin-off is about one of the most interesting characters from the original series, Wilhelm Van Astrea. The character is given a good arc in the original novel too. However, the fans wanted more interaction with this character and hence took high interest in the spin-off manga. 

Wilhelm Van Astrea

Wilhelm Van Astrea.

Wilhelm Van Astrea was known to be one of the strongest men in the world of Re: Zero. He was a self-taught master swordsman. His skills as a swordsman were out of the world and acknowledged by many. He named his sword ‘Holy Sword Astrea’, a prestigious sword that was handed down to him by his father-in-law. 

Wilhelm Van Astrea had a romantic backstory that drew fans to overwhelming tears as they watched the love between him and Theresia. The spin-off manga elaborates on the life history of Wilhelm Van Astrea, from his youth to his old age giving us a wide spectrum to analyze his character. We come across different characters and new angles to visualize Wilhelm as we know him. 

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Re:Zero Spin-off Manga comes to an end

The Re:Zero spin-off manga has come to an end after more than two years. On 27 May 2021, Comic Alive printed its last chapter. The last chapter was published in the July issue of the magazine. 

Fans have come in front expressing their feelings regarding the spin-off in multiple forums. Popular demands for such spin-offs about the different side characters never die out. The parent story can barely deviate from the main plot to give enough development to the side character. This is why spin-off manga and novels are always highly appreciated by readers and creators. After all, good and deep characters help in connecting with the series more.

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The Future Re:Zero

Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World has become phenomenal. Tappei Nagatsuki has a lot to reveal to his fans. The immense curiosity surrounding the various mysterious events is yet to be uncovered. A major character, Satella’s motives are still in the dark. Why she has been working in the dark and who she was is still revealed. Many unconfirmed theories still revolve around the characters as fans wait for confirmation. The hype of the series rises with every unfolding event as we wait for more.

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