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Rey Mysterio Net Worth: How Rich is The Star Wrestler Now?

Rey Mysterio Net Worth
Rey Mysterio

We all know the notable person who established himself as one of the most prominent wrestlers of all time named Oscar Gutierrez. Hold on guys don’t be shocked, he is usually known by his ring name, which popularly is Rey Mysterio. Being such a prominent boxer, he established himself as the one who earned fame with his popular movie, which was titled to be the high-flying Lucha Libre style which further became his trademark in the ring of boxing. With his passion for boxing, he started off his career by signing a contract with the popular company named WWE. His career started in the year 2002, which further continued till the month of February until the year 2015.

Seeing his uncle being such a great boxer, his passion for boxing grew from a very young age. Furthermore, he received his initial training from the person who was his first ideal is his uncle whose name was Rey Misterio Sr. Talking about Rey Misterios Sr’s career, he was regarded to be one of the top wrestlers in the tenure of his career that is in the period of the 1970s. Ok so let’s come back to the career of Oscar Gutirrez, or as we may know him as Rey Misterio. He took the first step of being a wrestler at the time when he was just a teen that is at the age of 14.

As it is said, nothing can stop you from following your dreams or from following your passion. The same goes with Mysterio, despite the fact that his height which was five feet six inches, is not like the other wrestler who is much taller than him, he established himself to be one of the most prominent boxers of all times. With that, he also won numerous championships which earned him more and more fame. He acquired the first position in the prestigious world championship that is the World Championship Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship.

Apart from that, he also secured the first position in other prestigious championships as well namely World Wrestling Association Lightweight Championship and World Wrestling Entertainment Championship. But being so popular, it is quite unrealistic to not have controversies come to you. In the doomed year of 2007, an article was published by a popular magazine named Sports Illustrated. The article in the magazine accused some of the popular wrestlers where his name was also included of consuming some drugs which are prohibited for the wrestlers. The drugs that were mentioned and prohibited are nandrolone and stanozolol.

When he was accused by the company he was with that is WWE he in his support further stated that the drugs were recommended to him by his doctor for some of the minor injuries in his knee and arm from which he was recovering. Talking about his current status, he resides in the beautiful city of San Diego which is located in California. He stays there with his family, which further includes his wife named Angelica. Other than that, they also have two children.


Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Rey Mysterio’s career from the start till now

Being passionate about wrestling, he started his career from a very early age. He took his first step for starting the journey of his long successful career in the year 1989 at that time, he was only fourteen years old. In the initial days of his career, he played in the ring under the popular company named Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion when translated into English it becomes Assistance, Assessment, and Administration. He worked under the company for a period of 3years is starting from the year 1992 which continued until 1995. The company has its base in the city of Mexico.

Soon after leaving the company that is in 1995, he earned the opportunity to be a part of the popular wrestling championship that is the Extreme Championship Wrestling. Followed by the success of the championship, in the very next year he grabbed another opportunity to be a  part of another popular championship named World Championship Wrestling. Soon enough, he had his debut match in the popular Great American Bash. His debut match was against the popular boxer under the category of Cruiserweight named Champ Dean Malenko. As it is said, a game can take any turn and the same happened with Mysterio. He lost the match against the Maleko. Shortly, he changed his category. He mostly fought with the wrestler under the category of high flyers namely with Ultimate Dragon, Juventud Guerrera, Billy Kidman. Apart from that, he also fought with his old rival whose name was Psicosis. As it is said, when you have your skills and your luck, you have everything. In the fight against his rival that he fought in the month of July in 1996. The iconic match was held at the popular place named Bash at the Beach.

Net Worth and earnings

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

The popular wrestler who established himself from a very young age is none other than but Rey Myterio Jr. He made his fortune by being such a great wrestler. With this, the popular wrestler that is Rey Mysterio Jr. holds a net worth which is estimated to be somewhere around $1 million.

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