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Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32 Review

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32 Recap
Promotional Poster for Revolutionary Sisters (Credit: KBS2)

Korean Drama, Revolutionary Sisters have become the all-time new hit series of the KBS2. The show tells an ordinary story of a family that somehow gets involves in the murder of their mother. The hit series set a new personal record on May 09, 2021, with their latest episode scoring 26.2 percent and 30.2 per cent ratings nationwide. Revolutionary Sisters episode 31 and 32 release date is May 09, 2021. Both the episodes, taken together as a whole, is considered Episode 16. Now, people are piquing with interest to know about the Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32 recap and reviews ever since its release.

The show as a whole consists of fifty or a hundred episodes. However, airing of only thirty-two or sixteen episodes had taken place until now. The drama contains the elements of mystery and romance besides showing an ordinary and simple life. It portrays the life of the three Kwang Sisters and the relationship with their father. Moon Young Nam is helming the series as a screenwriter and Lee Jin Seo as the director. The drama is available for watching on the Viki streaming service only in some selected countries. Now, let’s know in details what took place in the recently aired episode. 

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32: Recap

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 starts with Lee Cheol Soo going to Bae Byun Ho’s office. He yells at him and even hits. Cheol Soo is angry at him for breaking his trust and betraying him. However, the other two Gwang sisters and the aunt comes in time and stops him from heating Byun Ho more. They take Cheol Soo away. While at home, they start talking with Kwang Nam and decides what they should do. Their father is completely against them getting divorced. However, they already divorced behind his back. Although their father is angry, the sisters and the aunt is supportive of Kwang Nam. 

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 16 Recap

A glimpse from Revolutionary Sisters wherein the three sisters, Lee Gwang-nam, Lee Gwang-sik, and Lee Gwang-tae are together (Credit: KBS2)

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Kwang Nam’s family asked her to demand huge alimony and the house. However, her ex-husband only gave her $34,225 something as a whole. Later on, her aunt and the sisters came to know about the same. They rushed to his office and scolded him. Also, they got into a fight with Shin Maria. She comes home and complains to Byun Ho’s mother. She goes to the Gwang sisters house. They were talking when the father arrives. He asked them to apologize to her if they something wrong. However, the sisters are completely against the same.

A fight ensues between Byun Ho’s mother and Lee Cheo Soo, along with the sisters. At one instance, he even threw the papers which Byun Ho brought for showing them that he invested in something and lost the money. Moreover, Kwang Nam stood for her father when Byun Ho’s mother said something against Lee Cheol Soo. However, Byun Ho’s mother slaps her in return. Lee Cheol Soo also becomes angry and says no one can touch his children until he is alive. The episodes also showed the relationship of the other two sisters.

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32: Review

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 31 and 32 gave focus on the divorce and relationship of Kwang Nam. She became a divorcee, much to the furious of her father. As a whole, I would rate the episodes 7 out of 10. It shows the common family dramas that take place in someone’s life or family. The sisters have a good relationship with each other. However, their father is depicted as too much orthodox who is always unsatisfied with the decision of the sisters. Moreover, as a family, they should show support to Kwang Nam, who seems quite hurt. But, they are only concerned about her alimony.

Kwang Nam also remains too much timid in the drama. She neither stopped her family from creating a scene with Byun-Ho nor demanded anything from him. Furthermore, Kwang Nam tried to understand him when he said he did not have much money with him. It seems that she did not stand up for herself. Lee Kwang Shik, the other sister remains too much within herself. She did not want to open up her mind even when Hna Se Yeul asks her what is happening in her life. It is without a doubt, family bonding is nice. But, the interference of the family in each other’s life is also very much. 

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