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Preview: Revolutionary Sisters (2021) Episode 9

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 7 overview
Revolutionary Sisters Episode 7 overview

The drama Revolutionary Sisters is an ongoing Korean Drama. It is one of the most liked series of the year. The drama is direct by Lee Jin Seo. The screenwriting of the drama is handle by Moon Young Nam. The drama revolves around a murder conspiracy. The mother dies mysteriously, and everyone is on the brim to suspicion. The drama revolves around the genre of Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Drama, and Family. Also, the drama is known as Pleasant Others, Pleasant People’s House, Someone Else’s Happy House, A Happy Other’s House, Ok Gwang Sisters, Okay Light Sisters, Ok Kwang Sisters, Jeulgeoun Naui Jib, Jeulgeoyoon Nameui Jib, 오케이, 광자매, and 즐거운 남의 집. 

The ongoing drama has released around 17 episodes, according to which we will be rating the drama a 7.5 out of 10. The drama is full of thrillers and romance. There is 50 episode of the drama. This is somewhat a long drama, with each episode having a runtime of 1 hour 20 minutes. The runtime and the episodes are quite a drawback as viewers tend to get bored once they exceed 20+. The show got on air on March 13, 2021, and will be going off-air on August 29, 2021.

This is one long drama. You need to be patient with it as the episodes of the drama releases every Saturday and Sunday. The original networking partner of the drama is KBS2. It is available to watch on Kocowa and Viki. Also, you can watch the drama online too. Overall, it is a great drama, but the only drawback is the length of the drama which will tend to make the audience bored of the content. 

Star Cast of Revolutionary Sisters

The drama Revolutionary Sisters is an ongoing Korean drama that revolves around a murder mystery. The lead actors of the dram are Yoon Joo Sang sd Lee Cheol Soo, Hong Eun Hee as Lee Kwang Nam, Jeon Hye Bin as Lee Kwang Shik, Go Won Hee as Lee Kwang Tae, Kim Kyung Nam as Han Ye Seul, Lee Bo Hee as Oh Bong Ja, Lee Byung Joon as Han Dol Se. They all played a major role in setting up the drama plot. Moreover, the plot grew better with the help of a supporting cast too.

The other important roles are of the supporting cast, which Choi Dae Chul performs as Bae Byun Ho [Kwang Nam’s husband / Lawyer], Ha Jae Sook as Shin Maria [The restaurant owner], Seol Jung Hwan as Heo Ki Jin [Kwang Tae’s boyfriend / Poong Jin’s brother], Kim Hye Sun as Oh Taeng Ja [Aunt], Hong Je Yi as Oh Too Gi [Taeng Ja’s daughter], Son Woo Hyun as Na Pyun Seung [Kwang Shik’s husband], Joo Seok Tae as Heo Poong Jin [Ki Jin’s older brother / Loan shark], Lee Sang Sook as Ji Pung Nyeon [Byun Ho’s mother], Go Geon Han as Byun Sa Chae [Ki Jin’s best friend], Kim Min Ho as Byun Gong Chae [Sa Chae’s younger brother], Lee Myung Ho as Seo Sung Dae [Detective], Song Young Jae as [Pyun Seung’s father / Taxi driver], Kim Na Yoon as [Pyun Seung’s mother / Restaurant employee], Seo Yoon Ah as Na Pyun Hae [Pyun Seung’s older sister], Cheon Yi Seul as Lee Tae Ri [Ye Seul’s friend].

They all played a major role as supporting cast. There are other guest and unknown roles too in the drama. Also, the drama is a murder mystery which makes it interesting and something that viewers will be eagerly waiting to watch. Overall, a great murder mystery and romance-based drama it is.

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 7 overview

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Synopsis of the drama

The drama revolutionary sisters is an ongoing Korean drama. The pot of the drama revolves around the murder mystery that takes place in a family of a mother. The family members are suspected of the same, and everyone is on the radar. The drama goes around the Lee family. The father of three daughters was going to file the divorce with his wife. After someday of divorce, the mother is murdered, and everyone is suspected in the family, which involves the extended family.

The murder mystery is getting solve in the drama. The drama revolutionary sisters are three sisters named Lee Kwang Nam, Lee Kwang Shik, and Lee Kwang Tae. They all are daughters to Lee Cheol Soo. He is a strict father. He is quite strict in his rules and regulations and wants his daughters to follow them. Also, he has a quiet and off relationship with his daughters and has a quite heated relationship.

Lee Kwang Nam is the oldest of all the daughters. She is quite selfish and has a feeling of pride in herself. She was the one who got the most of her mother’s love. This unconditional mother-daughter love leads to a dislike feeling for her father. Also, his father is the one who has made his mother suffer a lot.

The second daughter is Lee Kwang Shik. She is the second oldest daughter of the family. Also, she is working as a public officer. She is the one who does not get love from both the parents, but she is smart and has the principle of life. She is the one who quite has consideration feelings for others—the last sister of the family, Lee Kwang Tae. Being the youngest sister, she is quite different from another sister. She earns and supports herself. She is great at martial art.  Also, she is someone who has no interest in marriage and wants to stay single.

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 9 Release Date

Episode 9 of the drama is going to relase4 on 10 April 2021. Episode 8 ends on the note of emotional and thrill at the same time. The episode 9 trailer shows that Kwang Nam will come to know about Byun Ho’s baby. She gets upset and leaves him, which is followed up by his sister controlling her.

Meanwhile, there is a fire that breaks in the building, and the alarm goes on. Everyone comes down safely, but their father is fallen asleep, and he cannot get what is happening. All the sisters are in tension about how to make their father come out. Episode 9 will be full of melodrama and truth reveals. Overall this will be a relationship turning upside down for Byun Ho and Kwang Nam.

Revolutionary Sisters Episode 7 overview

Episode 8 Review

The drama revolutionary sisters is an ongoing Korean drama. Episode 8 of the drama starts with Byun Ho getting catch by Eun Hee’s aunt and younger sister. He is caught over having a secret affair with a lady and having a baby with her. They both ask him to leave the baby behind while supporting the baby and the mother financially. Byun Ho follows the instruction and asks the baby’s mother to register the baby’s name and assures him he will be completing the documents and put forward financial help.

Byun Ho is devastated about leaving his baby behind. He acts cool and cries going back home. After this scene, he goes to his sister-in-law and tells her that he has done what he is asked to do. After this, Dol-Se is seen taking a chicken home. While going back home with the chicken, the chicken caused ruckus inside the bus and starts flying here and there. Moreover, he, however, controls the chicken and takes him back home. After his, he prepares a soup and takes it to Bong Ja. Also, she rejects drinking the soup, and it gets spill on the road. He takes it back home. After this, his son comes to know what happens and asks him to stop his unrequited love and work on himself. Meanwhile, the three sisters are up to something.

Revolutionary Sisters

They go to the detective and make a plan on opening the door, which is always locked. While executing this plan, the trio gets emotional and soft-hearted as they don’t want to lose their father to find their mother murderer. After this, everyone back to their places, Eun Hee is with Byun Ho, Kwang Shik, and Kwang Tae are back to their respective places. There is a crush-angle shown in the drama where Kwang Shik has a major crush on Ye Seul. Ye Suel is a guitarist and lives in room 301.

Also, Kwang Tae takes Jung Hwan to meet with her sister. Later she realizes that he is someone who has no money and pretends to be rich. There is a scene where Dol Se brings a ring for Bong Ja, which she rejects. The ring gets lost in the shop, making him go mad and he finds the ring till the next morning. Meanwhile, the drama episode 8 ends on a sad note of Oh Taeng Ja and Oh Too Gi’s emotional scene.

Too Gi comes to know that Taeng Ja is going to die. She gets emotional and asks her mother not to leave her. This makes Bong Ja emotional too. Also, the scene ends on Byun Ho comes face to face with Maria mother of his baby. She gets rude with Kwang Nam, and the episodes get over. Moreover, the episode ends on a thrilling note where his wife and mother of his child are faces to what will happen next will be unfolding in next episode 10.

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