Revealed: When Tournament Of Power Will End


Its been some time since the universe survival arc made its debut. And for a battle royale that only lasts for 48 minutes I got to say that is way overdoing it. The arc debuted somewhere around march earlier this year. And it was revealed to be just half way not long ago. If you had been monitoring each episode, it animates roughly a minute of what happens in the battlefield. You could say that things are way too much compressed here.  

In the recent interview carried out with the dragon ball super production team, it was revealed roughly on when the tournament of power could be ending. but to get a more clear understanding lets carry out some facts to look into how much plot left the tournament has yet to cover. The first half took approximately nine months so it is possible that the second one could take something similar to that, probably less since only few warriors are left in the tournament.

Various hints about DBS and the tournament as well were revealed. Including the ones that the tournament of power is just heating up as of now. So Goku and Jiren’s battles were just the beginning of everything in general. Considering that other z fighters such as Gohan and Vegeta are still going to play their role in the tournament, then this just shows that DBS is still left with much more plot to tell on the tournament of power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

Jiren is still in his meditation but was shown to be shaking in response to Kale’s powers. Hinting that anytime soon someone is going to force him into battle again. We still have not had enough of Goku’s ultra instinct as well as it was only shown for a brief moment of time.

The same applies to Jiren’s abilities as he only uses basic martial arts and KI blasts only in his fights. So we are ye to see him transform and fully unleash his powers in the tournament as well. Also what will happen with Frieza? does he have another powers he attained in hell other than the golden form? well the tournament is yet to reveal that as well.

The total time for the tournament is set for 48 minutes. And now that each episode as of now is covering a minute, then the tournament at this rate will end somewhere around march in 2018. This corresponds well with the time revealed in the interview with the dragon ball production team. They also revealed that they expect the tournament to last until march. Of which then the new arc will be making its debut!


One Thing Everyone Missed About Jiren In Latest Dragon Ball Super Episode

Hey guys. Let me catch my breath first after all that intense mouth watering action, it was bound to happen. I don’t know where to start to be honest. The episode was really good and personally I enjoyed it to the very last second. In this episode, the fusion of Caulifla and Kale was supposed to happen and it indeed took place during the closing minutes of the episode.

Phew. Those were some heated last minutes and it isn’t looking good for Gokū at all. Even while using Super Saiyan God, he’s been shredded into bits by the new ultimate warrior called, Kefla. But, but, but, the highlight of the episode would be this moment—

If you haven’t watched the episode already, then you’ve run out of luck and now I have spoiled you (evil laugh). After Kale and Caulifla finally fused together, they broke the very laws of energy. Their fused form is giving off a lot of energy, which has attracted the attention of all the big name warriors in the Tournament, such as Vegeta, and I dont know if you noticed it but it attracted even JIREN’s attention too! Vegeta’s lapse of concentration allowed Toppo to land a hit on him.

Yes. You’re not dreaming. Jiren had already taken notice of the huge amount of power coming from the berserker form of Kale.

It’s no doubt that he has taken notice of the power of Kefla. It might not be long until we see Jiren the Gray back in action. As things stand, Kefla could really prove

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